Price Paid: $1110

Purchase at: Bulgaria,Varna,Tehnomarket

Good picture

hum from tube
optical reflections from the frame

I have read many reviews and watch many TV-sets considering my choice.
Finally I decide to take kv32fq70 .
Now , as owner I can go share may impressions and my opinion.
The picture is natural in every aspect , flicker-free .
The video noise reduction system is efficient even on good signal.
The sound system is not good enough .
However the good sound is something very expensive and difficult to make.
The geometry of the picture was set good but not the best.
Something that can not be fix is the noise (hum) from the tube. The level is enough to listen in a
silent room.
In dark room you can see specific reflections from the internal side of the tube frame.
And the biggest problem for me-poor convergence in the left side of the screen.
When I visit the shops again I release that the other units from this model have same geometry and convergence problems.
Finally if I have to make choose again I will take this model.
Solving of above mentioned problems will make owners like me more satisfied .



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