Price Paid: $561 sale price

Purchase at: Sony Centre – Paigton, Devon, UK

Great picture quality and detailed
Great DTS using internal decoder
Suprisingly good MP3 & CD playback
On screen menu seem comprehsive
Avalable in black as well as the main stream silver

Poor Dolby Digital using internal decoder
Manual is not comprehensive enough
Disc read can be heard through quite scenes
Sound menu not accessible when discs are playing
Can’t sort MP3 songs in browser (such as genre/title/album etc)

I’ve had this player a couple of weeks now and overall I am happy with it. It was a toss-up between this player and the Pioneer 656a. I prefered the Sony for it’s build quality and looks. This player has a comprehensive onscreen menu setup by comparison also.

I am disspointed however watching films that only have a dolby digital soundtrack (which is most films). I am a DTS fan and if you have ever compared these sound formats you’ll know what I mean. The dolby digital seems lacking by comparison, it’s quite and the dynamics seem only a little better than video in Pro Logic mode. I expected more from Sony and the DVD format. After all this player is not cheap.

I would recomend this player if you want great DTS surround using it’s own internal processor. Picture quality is great, without complaint. If you are not into DTS but want good surround in dolby digital using it’s own decoder then think again.


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