dvp-ns430 dvd player


Price Paid: $uk £140

Purchase at: practical hi-fi uk

great picture quality. Mp3 playback. RGB output. Optical and coaxial digital output. Comprehensive on screen display. 6 disc resume. Quiet mechanism. Remote control can control many makes of tv (but only power, volume and source)

not much information on front display. slow layer change. Player can get very warm in a confined space.

I bought this player in the uk for £140. It has been made multi region in the shop by using a sony service remote. I got it to replace a panasonic dvd rv31 which I feared may soon fail. I have got too many dvd’s (250) to be left without a player. The first thing I noticed was the picture. It seems so much more vibrant and sharper.The sound quality is excellent, connected to my reciever by coaxial digital connection. Mp3 playback is a nice touch also. It remembers where the last 6 discs were stopped and will resume playback when they are re-inserted. I went for Sony because I have other Sony stuff. There are only a couple of downsides: The display on the front doesnt really give much away and the layer change is noticably slower than my older panasonic – but saying that, the slightly longer pause doesn’t really detract from a good movie. One other point, If you put this in a cabinet with a couple of inches breathing space, it will get hot. I put it in place of my old player. The first night I used it, I watched 2 films one after the other and the discs came out hot. I have since moved it onto a much more open shelf and It stays cool now. I would most certainly recommend it.


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