DVD Player DVP-NS975V


Price Paid: $249

Purchase at: www.onecall.com

Picture Quality
Sound Quality


I received this player in early March, 05. The HDMI output failed after 2 weeks. I am in the process of getting a refund from Sony. They ran out of new exchange units.

Biggest complaint is reliablity. This player has the 1.9 rev. firmware. I know that is what everybody looks at, but it is no guarantee you will not have problems. Biggest problem was with Sony service, I will not get into that..similar complaints can be found on this forum as well as others.

When the player was working, it worked very well. PQ was impressive with no significant artifacts when using the HDMI output. Image was not greatly improved with the HDMI output over components, but it did have a bit less grain. That is not a bad thing, as the picture with component output (480i) was very good.
I also found audio quality excellent.
Menu was fairly easy to use. Remote is on the cheap side compared to the player build, and also the price.
I did not rate this player high, mainly because of it’s short life.
Blame that on Sony, not me.


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