CoCoon NDR-XR1


Price Paid: $900.00

Purchase at: Tokyo, Japan

3 RCA inputs, 2 outputs, DV-In link for Digital Video Camera, Optical Out X 1, 10/100 Base T Network, 80 GB HDD, USB X 1, DTS capable.
This is the latest network digital recorder from Sony (Japan) with DVD-R/RW capabilities. Able to record programs on HDD and then copy to DVD-R/RW. Has memory Stick slot for viewing of photos on memory stick and able to add to DVD-R/RW if needed. Web Access to internet using either DHCP or static IP addresses. Built-in keyboard (remember Sony WebTV – similiar functionality) except in both Japanese and English. I have not been able to get streaming video or music through the web interface yet (OS system is Linux) working on that aspect.
Interfaces with Japanese BS (TV channels) and WOWOW (equivalent to HBO/Showtime cable) plus the two input channels (i.e. VCR or satellite). Alot of new funtionality for a network digital recorder that I have not uncovered yet and will keep you posted. Web interface allows you to update on-line for the latest Sony equipment updates (looks real cool!)

Sony should ashame of itself for having a USB port with no uses available yet! Can not been seen from USB port to Computer yet. So I have a USB port that has no functional uses yet. Get your act together Sony! No English manuals yet – thank heavens for my Wife and Daughter in their translation skills.
DVD-R/RW only – not the full spectrum as in the RDR-GX7 model so you are limited in which format you must record on.

My recommendation is to wait for the US Model (NDR-XR1) and get this specific model. Do not bother with the other CoCoon equipment until they (Sony) has something to do the USB port functionality (how about interfacing with the HDD to upload/download?). The reason is simple – none of the other CoCoon products have DVD-R/RW write capabilities. So you may be stuck with a huge HDD (some are 160 GB – 210 GB) but no where to download or transfer it to once it starts filling up.
Web access has not been fully checked yet so, I will keep you posted on the ability to see streaming video/music to HDD then record to DVD (format?). If you need specific technical details write me. Otherwise save your money for when this hits the US – it will go fast and you want to be in the first group to get it.


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