About new Sony XBR 450!!!!!!


Price Paid: $2400

Purchase at: Best Buy

Picture clarity is amazing, clarity of picture is incredible

Like everyone, is heavy as a truck. Needs three people to move.

Have been using the XBR 450 for less than a month but it puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. Picture quality is unlike anything I’ve ever used or seen for that matter. Just stunning. I even have a crappy Samsung DVD player but this TV makes it shine. Audio quality from the speakers is weak for this price but I would assume(as did Sony, probably)that most people buying this set has a A/V system to bypass them anyway. Yes the damn thing is heavy so find a place for it and leave it. Retail places will bargain on this set. I didn’t even try hard and got $200 off MSRP. If you have the means(even if you don’t)go out and get this TV.

Has anyone hooked the XBR 450 or the 400 to a Phillips video recorder with TIVO? Was wondering about the picture quality through the DVR.


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