Price Paid: $2000.00

Purchase at: CircuitCity

2 HD Component Inputs
7 different input settings

having to scroll through 7 video inputs to select

I bought this tv about a month ago. It has been great. I bought the matching stand as well and it has become the focal point of my 3 room condo. (Living, dining, beroom =)

I have a Pioneer-444 Progressive scan dvd player and the image is just amazing! Although my dvd player does not have 3-2 pull down technology the tv does and more than compensates for this fault. The tv will automatically recognize a progressive signal so you need not change the drc mode and will also adjust for 19:6 (widescreen) format. It’s a nice feature.

I also hooked up my playstation 2 using component hook ups and I am very pleased with the sharpness and clarity. Colors have smooth transitions and do not bleed. I hooked it up to the s-video hook up just to do a comparison. S-video vs component were almost alike. The ps2 is NOT progressive scan (movie or game) don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The differences are almost un-noticeable unless you know what you are looking for and spend the time adjusting the color settings for both. For the average user/gamer a plug and play approach will work. (monster brand) s-video cable costs about $30 for ps2 while the component at around $60.

I do not yet have digital cable or satellite (but hope to soon) so I can’t give a full view on that. Standard cable though I can comment on. Connecting the tv to an anolog signal, it looks kind of fuzzy. Not to the point where it is annoying but just enough to make you want to build you dvd collection instead of watching tv ^_^. The interlaced drc mode doesn’t help that much. (This being the V1 technology implemented in this model, allowing you to turn hdtv/progressive on/off) I guess it is used to watch vhs tapes if you have digital cable/stb?

The memory stick function is one of my favorite features. I have a Sony DSC 707 and I can take it right out of my camera and view it on tv. The 707 has a max megapixel resolution of 5.1 so it looks as sharp as a 1080i input. Truly magnificent. The manual states only sony branded camera can use the slot. I think this has to do with the directory structure on the memory card. I tried just putting images on the card and they did not show.

My overall thoughts about this product is that it is a great buy! I wish I had digital cable/stb but I am content playing video games and watching dvds.


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