36xbr450 with dvp-9000es


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36xbr450: picture

dvp-9000es: ???

36xbr450: weight & video in 5 & 6 (many older sony receiver remotes don’t recognize them). No wireless headphones.

dvp-9000es: no improvement over the dvp-s550d but costs 3x as much

Actually I’m very happy with my xbr: great picture. I upgraded from an 36xbr250 a few months ago so I could be hdtv-compatible. The only downside to the upgrade was the loss of the wireless headphones which were std with the 250 but not the 450.

My gripe is actually with the sony flagship dvd player: the 9000es. Not that it is really that bad, but rather that I don’t get any better picture from it than from my old dvp-s550d player.

After listening to the gushing and hype about progressive scan and the RAVE reviews of the 9000es I was very excited to team it up with my xbr.

I got the 9000es a couple of weeks ago, I ran out and bought myself some monster 3 component cables, set everything up and I was all psyched to see the stunning new picture. Not only was there NO picture improvement over my old 550d dvd player, in fact it was initially worse. By worse, I mean it was very dark.

Now that I spent too many hours tweaking with avia, the picture is probably about the same as the 550d…which is indeed very good, I guess I was just expecting this huge difference from progressive scan which so far there is not.

I’m coming to the conclusion that with the built-in 3:2 pulldown and line doubling of the xbr, it basically can generate the same quality picture from an interlaced dvd player as that of a progressive scan.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who has used an interlaced dvd player with the 36xbr450 and then upgraded to a progressive scan player (specifically the 9000es), I would be curious to hear your experience.

I’m still a Sony fan, if only some what disillusioned with the 9000es and/or progressive scan.

I score the xbr a 5

I score the 9000es a 3 (for the price I wanted more)



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