Price Paid: $1799

Purchase at: Circuit City

Picture, Audio, Menu system.

Weight(especially if you live on the second floor), Audio, no 720p

Overall best HDTV ready,

I spent months researching and reading reviews in an attempt to narrow my choices down to a few HD ready TVs. I had three items in mind in selecting a tv.

XBOX connectivity

PC connectivity

DVD playback

Briefly, my Xbox and pc where my primary concerns, and after much debate I decided to go for a direct view set because of the possibility of Screen-Burn on projection sets(Except for Phillips, they have APAC)

So I finally, after the $200 retail price drop of the XBR450, decided to get it.

I did get an open box model with a few minor blemishes on the case, but the sales guy dropped the price from 1999 to 1799 after I said I wanted the three year warranty.

I also purchased the XBR stand, and I do recommend it to anyone who gets this tv. It is around 300 but well worth it. It also is a snap to assemble.

I’ve only had the TV a 12 hours but I am in love allready. I would recommend it to anyone.

If you want more I will be posting info on my site www.friedays.com And I will try to post infor here as well.


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