Sony Unveils “Technolook” Digital Video Microscope With Memory Stick Media Slot and USB Connectivity


Sony Electronics today introduced its first TechnoLOOK digital video microscope model with a Memory Stick® media slot and a USB terminal, allowing users to seamlessly store and transfer images to a computer.

The new TechnoLOOK model is an all-in-one, stylish, ergonomic and portable microscope designed to combine expandability with ease of use, offering an integrated visual inspection system. The new TechnoLOOK video microscope features:

A Memory Stick media slot on the control panel for storing and sharing imagesA USB terminal for transferring captured images directly to a computer for viewing with supplied software;

An adjustable zoom and focus CCD camera head with 410,000 pixel resolution that swivels up to 45 degrees to either side of the central position for easy inspection from a variety of angles;

A built-in, high resolution, seven-inch color LCD display for convenience;

From 4X to up to 40X zoom magnification (model TW-TL5M) and from 10X to up to 100X zoom (model TW-TL10M) for precision and clarity;

S-Video and Composite Video Inputs and Outputs for versatile connectivity to a television monitor, computer, printer or other peripherals used for editing, e-mailing and incorporating into presentations and training sessions;

A built-in laser pointer to aid in finding a subject’s location quickly;

A large workspace with a sliding stage for easy inspection at virtually any angle or direction; and

A flicker-free fluorescent lamp for illuminating subjects and providing steady, naturally colored images.

“The TechnoLOOK microscope offers a host of advantages including expanded connectivity, exceptional optics, a digital zoom with up to 100X magnification, and ergonomics for a complete integrated visual inspection solution,” said Koh Nakata, senior marketing manager for new business development at Sony Electronics’ Core Technology Solutions Company.

According to Nakata, the microscope weighs just 13 pounds for easy transporting and set-up in conference rooms and production environments.

Among the niches targeted for the digital video microscope are high precision surface mount technologies, semiconductor packaging, diagnostics and laboratories. Suggested applications include quality control, failure analysis and industrial inspection.

Pricing and Availability

The new TechnoLOOK microscope models TW-TL5M and TW-TL10M are now available through CALTEX Scientific Inc. for $6,950 and $7,950, respectively.


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