Sony takes ES DVD Lineup to New Heights


New 400- and 5-disc Changers Feature Progressive Video and Super Audio CD Performance

Building on the success of last year’s reference standard ES DVD player, the DVP-NS999ES, Sony today announced two new ES DVD models that make high-quality DVD performance even more accessible to consumers looking to enjoy unparalleled audio and video playback.

The DVP-CX777ES, a 400-disc changer, and the DVP-NC555ES, a 5-disc changer, feature advanced Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology and multi-channel Super Audio CD playback. Each model is also equipped with the industry’s first 12-bit, 216 MHz video D/A converter for extended video detail and higher sampling rate. “The demand for high-quality DVD performance has paved the way for models such as the DVP-CX777ES and the DVP-NC555ES,” said Joseph Stinziano, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Home Entertainment Products Division. “Our new ES DVD models provide both video and audio enthusiasts with the combination of superior performance and convenience which brings to life the optimal DVD experience. With the 400-disc storage capacity of the DVP-CX777ES, we have a unique solution for video and audio enthusiasts to manage their movies and music collection and enjoy their favorite discs in stunning picture and sound rivaling any cinematic experience.”

ES DVD Player

ES DVD Player (400 disc changer)

Seamless Video Playback

The proprietary Precision Cinema Progressive system featured in each of the new models incorporates Pixel-by-Pixel I/P Conversion technology with separate algorithms for still, slow motion and fast motion video to deliver vivid contrast and brightness and seamless DVD-Video picture quality. The system also includes a Super Sub Alias Filter for better signal-to-noise ratio and V-Edge Compensation to minimize jagged edges on diagonal lines. For added picture quality, the system’s Noise Shaped Video™ (NSV) circuitry shifts video noise outside the visible frequency range.

Additionally, each unit is equipped with the industry’s first 12-bit, 216 MHz D/A converter, which minimizes video noise that can interfere with picture quality. The new converter’s increased sampling rate allows home entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy breathtaking picture detail. Together, these innovations help minimize video noise, produce exceptional clarity and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Powerful Audio Reproduction

With both new models offering multi-channel Super Audio CD playback, the DVP-CX777ES and the DVP-NC555ES capture the nuance of every sound from choral ensembles to the cries of a rock guitar. Each unit’s 5.1 channel audio capability enables clear sound reproduction that will impress even the most discriminating audiophiles. The new units also incorporate a DSD decoder chipset, which is a unique audio processing technology that reads and processes audio data to optimize sound and deliver flawless audio performance.

Movie and music lovers can easily adjust the sound with Multi-Channel Management and speaker distance adjustment functions on the unit’s on-screen Graphic User Interface. In addition, the player’s Audio-Video Alignment feature eliminates any time delay between picture and sound for a seamless cinematic experience.

Strength In Design

In order to deliver flawless audio and video reproduction, Sony has utilized extensive anti-resonant damping materials. In addition, the DVP-NS555E incorporates high-strength frame for further signal fidelity. This construction reduces unwanted resonance and vibration, often triggered during optical pickup, which can interfere with a high-quality DVD viewing experience.

Both units are equipped with Sony’s Precision Drive™ 2 with Dynamic Tilt Compensation, which provides fast access and steady tracking by applying a high responsive servo tilt to the pick-up in order to compensate for some imperfections found in some discs.

Multi-Disc Management Systems

Unique to the DVP-CX777ES is its Disc Explorer® System. This feature allows fast and easy identification and access of all 400 discs housed in the unit. Utilizing the on-screen Graphic User Interface, collectors can access discs by title, disc type, or genre. Collectors can also create personalized categories for even more detailed disc management and access. The player automatically loads disc information into its memory for instant access and display, providing easy management of growing collections

The DVP-CX777ES model also incorporates the Jacket Picture function, which records disc jacket pictures that will appear automatically when accessed. If no jacket picture is available, consumers can customize their jacket pictures by freezing any scene on a DVD. These added features are designed to satisfy and exceed the needs of the growing DVD enthusiast population. And finally, the DVP-CX777ES is likely to become the cornerstone of all home entertainment systems by incorporating RS232C for custom installations.

The DVP-CX777ES will be available in September for about $800. The DVP-NC555ES will be available in August for $600.


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