Sony’s Outs Two New OLED Monitors


Sony is continuing to expand its range of Pro monitors with more OLED-based displays. They’re still a long way from being affordable to the general public, but the prices are definitely falling. The cost of a 25” OLED display is already down 64% in just two months—but that change is based on the cost of the technology itself, not the models in question, which are actually very different.

Back in March, we showed you the first two members of the BVM family, the E170 and the E250, measuring 17” and 25” respectively.  The two monitors were originally priced at around £11 000 and £21 000, which left us thinking it would take a while before they became more generally available.

But with the new PVM series, which has 1920 x 1080 Full HD displays, the price is a lot more friendly.  News from the US has the 17” PVM-1741 at $4 900 and the 25” PVM-2541 at a mere $7 500.

Not everybody is going to have an OLED monitor on their desk in the next six months, of course, but with such rapidly falling prices, you might have one sooner than you think.

by Alexandre Botella at DigitalVersus


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