Sony Launches Advanced High-Definition Set-Top Box With DVI-HDTV Interface


Fully Integrated Receiver Delivers Digital and Analog Terrestrial, Cable and DIRECTV Standard and High-Definition Broadcasts.

Sony Electronics today unveiled the SAT-HD200 set-top box, an advanced DIRECTV® high-definition receiver featuring multiple format modes, keyword search, favorite channel list, 20-event reminder, and program guide from DIRECTV service1.

The new receiver also incorporates a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that allows uncompressed digital video to be delivered to the growing number of TVs compatible with the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specification. With its built-in, all-format ATSC, standard NTSC, and DIRECTV satellite tuners, the unit delivers over-the-air digital and analog antenna, cable and satellite television broadcasts. The fully integrated receiver can also deliver both DIRECTV high-definition and DIRECTV standard-definition programming content, providing viewers access to hundreds of channels of entertainment programming, including movies, sports, news, music, and special events.

The SAT-HD200 receiver features multiple format modes that can be selected from the remote control and front panel display to best reproduce the original broadcast on a wide variety of television models. It handles multiple conversion of all 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i broadcast formats, and implements three variable settings that can automatically change the format depending on the original broadcast signal.

One of the multiple format modes is the Auto DVI setting that allows automatic format change depending on the DVI-HDTV enabled television set. DVI-HDTV is a secure digital interface that delivers encrypted, high-quality digital video in an uncompressed format to DVI-HDTV equipped sets.

“This new set-top box is a versatile HD solution that can accommodate any high-definition source for display,” said Tim Alessi, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Visual Network Products Division. “It includes the widely used standard analog and high-definition outputs, as well as the DVI-HDTV digital interface. The SAT-HD200 is a perfect complement to our new Hi-Scan® television sets.”

The SAT-HD200 receiver’s versatile connectivity also includes HD component (Y/PB/PR) and RGB video outputs for easy connection and viewing on a wide variety of high-definition TVs and monitors. In addition, it features an S-Video, two composite video and a RF output for connection to conventional television sets and recording devices.

The new receiver also incorporates an Advanced Program Guide™ from DIRECTV for simple organization of programming choices. The integrated guide quickly and seamlessly displays all standard digital and high-definition DIRECTV programming, as well as terrestrial and cable programming while video and audio continue in the background.

The unit’s host of convenience features include: a VFD window on the unit’s front panel for easy reference of channel numbers and current output format settings, a keyword search for fast and easy finding of programs, a favorite channel list of up to 50 channels, and a 20-event reminder function. Also available right from the remote control are up to 8 wide mode aspect ratio settings, and a signal strength meter.

Housed in a stylish brushed silver chassis to complement Sony’s latest line of FD Trinitron® WEGA® flat-screen direct view and rear projection television sets, the SAT-HD200 set-top box will be available in September for about $900.


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