Sony Extends its Flatscreen TV Leadership with Expanded Lineup of Plasma Wega and LCD Wega Displays


Introduces Company’s First Integrated High-Definition Flat-Panel Plasma and Grand WEGA Rear Projection LCD Models

Experience the dynamic evolution and expansion of Sony’s 2003 flatscreen, fixed pixel device models. Sony today unveiled a broad portfolio of flat panel plasma and LCD models under its popular WEGA® brand, with technological innovations that set the industry standard in advanced television picture performance.

Leading the transition to HDTV, the company also announced its first fully integrated XBR® Plasma WEGA™ models, as well as XBR Grand WEGA™ LCD-based rear projection models. The Plasma WEGA lineup also includes a new XS series, upping the total to nine new fixed pixel TV models for 2003. These new models also incorporate Sony’s proprietary WEGA Engine™ technology, a fully digital processing system that significantly enhances picture quality.
“We are seeing tremendous demand for flatscreen and fixed pixel devices in the television arena,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Visual Network Products Division. “We expect to continue our leadership position with the industry’s most versatile product selection and hot, technical innovations and design.”

Plasma WEGA

Grand WEGA LCD Rear ProjectionHDTV

Advanced WEGA Engine™ System

The second generation WEGA Engine system, featured in the new Plasma WEGA sets and Grand WEGA LCD rear projection models, integrates advanced digital circuitries to maximize picture performance from any video source by minimizing the number of digital-to-analog conversion processes. This full digital processing engine includes:

– Direct Digital II circuitry, which optimizes incoming video signal to minimize video artifacts for cleaner signal processing;

– Digital Reality Creation® MultiFunction circuitry, which bit maps any NTSC source (DVD, VHS, DBS, Cable, etc.), creating a picture that rivals high definition resolution; and

– MID®-X (Multi Image Driver) circuitry, which displays high-definition and conventional pictures for the ultimate picture-and-picture performance.

In addition, CineMotion® reverse 3:2 pulldown circuitry is included in the new flatscreen sets for best possible film-based video source display.

Fully Integrated HDTV Plasma WEGA Models

Leading the new Plasma WEGA lineup are three flagship XBR series models (KDE-42XBR950, KDE-50XBR950, KDE-61XBR950), including the new 61-inch screen size with a built-in ATSC tuner for access to over-the-air high definition broadcasts, as well as Clear QAM tuning for access to digital terrestrial and unscrambled local digital channels from many cable service providers.

In addition to the WEGA Engine system, the new XBR plasma models incorporate a re-engineered plasma panel driver LSI, which integrates the Digital Component Processor for greater color contrast range and sharpness, resulting in brilliant and crisp images. The new sets have sleek, floating screen design, and the 61-inch XBR model also features removable speakers for flexibility in custom installations.

For digital imaging enthusiasts, convenient JPEG and MPEG1 file playback is available via the Memory Stick® media slot found on a new slimmer Media Receiver Unit (MRU), a convenient set-top component for easy connection to any video and audio source. The MRU houses both i.LINK® and DVI-HDTV digital interfaces for receiving and displaying copy-protected high-definition programs.

The dazzling visual experience is further enhanced by a twin surround system (Virtual Dolby®, TruSurround® SRS®), steady sound (BBE) and a TOS link connection, which provides rich, multi-channel surround sound with applicable over-the-air ATSC or digital cable (Clear QAM) broadcasts for high performance audio.

The KDE-42XBR950 (1024 x 768 resolution), the KDE-50XBR950 (1365 x 768 resolution) and the KDE-61XBR950 (1365 x 768 resolution) Plasma WEGA models will be available this fall for about $9,000, $13,000 and $20,000 respectively.

Presenting New XS Series Plasma WEGA Television

Responding to the fast growing plug-and-play plasma category, the XS series Plasma WEGA models offer a step-up solution to the industry leading all-in-one TS series. Featuring an attractive new design, the new 37-inch screen size model, KE-37XS910 (1024 x 1024 resolution), and the 42-inch KE-42XS910 (1024 x 1024 resolution) unit incorporate many of the XBR series’ features, including the re-engineered plasma panel driver, WEGA Engine system, Memory Stick media playback, DVI-HDTV connection and twin surround audio system for an unforgettable plasma experience.

The KE-37XS910 and the KE-42XS910 Plasma WEGA models will be available this fall for about $6,500 and $7,500 respectively.

“We are vigorously expanding the plasma display market,” added Baxter. “Our new XBR Plasma WEGA sets are everything you wished a flatscreen can be, one that delivers superb high definition picture performance without sacrificing style, and the XS series provides a more affordable, yet stunning plasma experience.”

The extended line of Plasma WEGA family also includes the TS2 models, KE-32TS2 and KE-42TS2 available now for about $5,000 and $7,000, respectively.

Achieving the Pinnacle of LCD Rear Projection Performance

New to the popular Grand WEGA LCD-based rear projection lineup are the 60-inch KDF-60XBR950 and the new 70-inch screen size KDF-70XBR950 widescreen models with built-in ATSC tuner, Uniform Brightness Screen™ technology, enhanced Memory Stick media playback, both i.LINK and DVI-HDTV digital interfaces, and a new design. They are also Clear QAM tuning capable for access to digital terrestrial and unscrambled local digital channels from many cable service providers.

The XBR Grand WEGA models incorporate the WEGA Engine system with a proprietary LCD Optical Engine, which contains the new 0.87-inch wide XGA LCD panels (one for each of the RGB signals). These panels achieve 3.28 million dots resolution, resulting in exquisite, detailed picture quality. Sony’s exclusive LCD panel may be miniscule in size, but its advancements include increase in resolution and a 20 percent improved contrast ratio.

The Grand WEGA models’ use of LCD panels in reproducing images eliminates uneven aging of phosphors and does not require periodic convergence adjustments. In addition, with the unique dot-line inversion drive technology, the sets deliver images virtually free of blurring, shading and ghosting.

The Optical Engine also features a special 11-element lens system that allows the rear-projection set to have a lightweight, ultra-slim cabinet design. The lens system creates an ultra-short focal point while maintaining high levels of brightness. This proprietary lens system delivers vivid images from the center of the screen all the way to the edges.

The KDF-60XBR950 and KDF-70XBR950 Grand WEGA models will be available in October for about $5,500 and $7,000, respectively.

The expanded LCD rear projection TV line for the fall also includes the recently announced KF-42WE610, KF-50WE610 and the KF-60WE610. All will be available in September for about $2,800, $3,300 and $4,000, respectively.

Growing Up: LCD WEGA Flat-Panel TV Family

Aggressively pursuing LCD picture display excellence, Sony also introduced two additional LCD WEGA flat-panel sets in 21-inch and 23-inch screen sizes. The KLV-21SR2 (standard aspect ratio; 1024 x 768 resolution) and the KLV-23HR2 (widescreen aspect ratio; 1280 x 768 resolution) models are all-in-one LCD TVs with built-in NTSC tuners, speakers and pedestals, perfect for any room in the house or office.

The new LCD WEGA sets also incorporate core elements of the WEGA Engine system, such as the proprietary Direct Digital circuitry to optimize incoming video signal for improved image processing, the new LCD panel driver that improves fast action and motion picture quality, the Digital Reality Creation circuitry to create pictures that rival high definition, and CineMotion reverse 3:2 pull-down conversion for the best possible film-based video source display.

Additionally, they feature a wide viewing angle of 170-degrees (measured at 10:1 contrast ratio) both horizontally and vertically, a 3D digital comb filter for high horizontal and vertical resolution along with reduced video noise, and the WOW™ audio effect for enhanced audio performance.

The KLV-23HR2 unit also includes Wide Modes that allow users to toggle through Normal, Full, Zoom and Wide Zoom, right from the remote commander, as well as enhanced Memory Stick media slots for displaying JPEG images and MPEG1 file playback. It also features a DVI-HDTV interface for displaying copy-protected, high-definition video content from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box..

Available in October, the KLV-21SR2 and KLV-23HR2 LCD models will sell for around $1,800 and $2,700, respectively.

The KLV-30XBR900 and the recently announced KLV-23HR1 and KLV-15SR1 models complete the growing LCD WEGA television family. These models are available now for about $4,500, $2,300 and $900, respectively.


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