Sony Amplifies 2002 DVD Dream System Line-Up


[Sony Electronic Inc. Open House 2002] All-In-One Home Entertainment Solutions Now Feature Progressive Scan and MP3 Playback.

With a booming DVD market and increased interest in simple, yet comprehensive, home entertainment packages, Sony is introducing the newest series of its DVD Dream™ System, an all-in-one home theater in-a-box. Building on the popularity of last year’s stylish models, Sony is responding to consumers who seek high-end features in easy to set-up systems.

The enhancements of the next-generation line-up are highlighted by the DAV-C770. Sony is packing a suite of capabilities into this elegant home theater system, including a DVD/receiver, five speakers, a subwoofer and an integrated 550-watt digital amplifier. Progressive scan output is included in the unit, delivering exceptional DVD picture quality on HDTV-monitor sets like Sony’s line of Hi-Scan 1080i™ television models. “We recognize the increased desire for in-home entertainment solutions,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of Home Entertainment Products Division for Sony Electronics. “Our newest DVD Dream systems provide an all-in-one solution and give consumers ease of use, coupled with the best home theater technologies available in a great looking set-up.”

Being Progressive

The DAV-C770 arrives in a small box and can be quickly hooked up using the color-coded speaker and cable connectors. Movie lovers can now sit back at home and enjoy the brilliance of DVD movies and music videos after only minutes of set-up time. In addition, every DVD Dream system comes equipped with digital input for satellite receiver, audio connection, as well as component video and S-video outputs.

For an even slimmer profile, the new five-disc DAV-C770 incorporates slot loading and a digital amplifier, reducing the main chassis size for a curvy, elegant unit perfect for any living space.

Sounds Like a Dream

“True DVD lovers realize the audio element of the DVD experience is just as critical as the visual,” Baxter added. “The DAV-C770 DVD Dream system delivers dynamic sounds and subtle nuances with its powerful amplifier and Dolby Digital™ Pro Logic® II decoding.”

In addition to a heightened audio experience while watching DVDs, the DAV-C770 befits the role of a sophisticated music source as well. Equipped with the most recent technologies favored by music enthusiasts, the DVD Dream system can play MP3 music recorded on CD-R/CD-RWs as well as multi-channel Super Audio CDs (SACD).

In Good Company

The DAV-C770 begins shipping in June for about $700. It is accompanied by two other five-disc models, including:

DAV-C990: This high-end system incorporates all of the features of the C770, including progressive scan playback, SACD and MP3 readability, but bumps up the total audio power to 600 watts and comes with sleek slim-line speaker towers. Available in July, the DAV-C990 will sell for about $1,000.

DAV-C450: This entry-level system offers a five-disc DVD/SACD/CD changer, digital amplifier, CD-R/CD-RW playback, and 500 watts total power through its six-speaker system. It begins shipping in May for about $600.


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