Return of the $99.99 Sony Blu-ray player


A sub-$100 Blu-ray player is no big deal these days, but it’s still fairly rare to find one that offers BD-Live at that price point–especially a Sony model.

Last month, SonyStyle offered the refurbished BDP-S360 Blu-ray player for $99.99 shipped (plus sales tax where applicable). I’m happy to report that the deal is back.

Happy, but not ecstatic. See, I now think if you’re going to buy a Blu-ray player, you should get a model that can stream Netflix movies. This one can’t.

Also, because it’s a refurb, the warranty expires after 90 days. That doesn’t bother me much, but if you prefer a full year (and don’t care about BD-Live), Wal-Mart has a no-frills Magnavox Blu-ray player for $98. For the record, CNET’s editors had mostly positive things to say about the BDP-S360, particularly its audio and video quality.


I like the presence of an Ethernet port, which lets you tap BD-Live content and greatly simplifies the retrieval and installation of firmware updates. So. Best Blu-ray deal ever? No. Very solid deal on a BD-Live model? Definitely.


Backup deal: As always, whenever you do pull the trigger on a Blu-ray player, make sure not to overpay for the HDMI cable. Amazon has them for as low as a penny (plus shipping, natch). Beat that!

by Rick Brioda at Cnet



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