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Almost daring onlookers to characterize it as a mere digital organizer, the CLIE™ PEG-NZ90 handheld model is Sony’s latest flagship entertainment device that seemingly does it all.

The newest addition to the family of CLIÉ handhelds continues the Sony tradition of creating new product categories. Its effective two-megapixel digital camera features built-in flash and auto-focus capabilities, helping to ensure that candid moments will be captured in bright, vivid and clear resolution. Additionally, the CLIÉ NZ90 model features a Wi-Fi (802.11b) communications slot and integrated Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity options.
“Rivaling the gadgetry found in modern day spy movies, the CLIÉ NZ90 handheld integrates a feature uncommon in the handheld market these days: excitement,” said Russell Paik, Sony Electronics’ vice president for handheld marketing. “It’s a turning point in the way handheld devices are defined.”

The new handheld features a host of Sony’s signature technologies and designs, including the high resolution color LCD screen (320 x 480 pixels), the popular flip-and-twist LCD screen design, an integrated MP3 player, a built-in AV remote controller application, and voice recording capabilities.

A Serious Feature Capturing Not-So-Serious Moments

Functions such as manual exposure adjustment, digital zoom (2X), red-eye reduction and a self-timer functions were previously most often associated with dedicated digital cameras. In addition to these, the CLIÉ NZ90 handheld features:

Megapixel Resolution – The camera is capable of capturing a photo with a maximum recorded image size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Lens and Flash – The lens has a focus range of 0.1 meter to infinity and is protected by a lens cover. The flash features three modes (Auto, Forced Off and Forced On) for varying lighting conditions.

LCD — Photographers can easily review and edit their shots (with the included CLIÉ Photo Editor application) on the color LCD screen, which is easy to view even in bright sunlight.

Movie Recording – The camera’s digital still capabilities are complemented by a video recording feature that allows users to record memories on a Memory Stick® media, which can be played back on the device.

Special Scene Modes – To optimize white balance in a variety of shooting situations, users can choose from a number of scene modes: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Custom. Users can also manually adjust color and exposure settings.

The new CLIÉ handheld also simplifies the digital imaging experience by recording digital photos and video clips onto Memory Stick media, which is about the size of a stick of chewing gum.

Connecting to a World of Possibilities

Offering expansion capabilities beyond the full list of integrated features, Sony has integrated Bluetooth connectivity on its latest handheld device, allowing users to wirelessly connect to and share the features of similarly enabled devices. Users can wirelessly access the Internet and e-mail via their compatible Bluetooth-enabled cell phones that are set up with corresponding ISP services.

The CLIÉ NZ90 handheld device also features an integrated communications slot that accommodates an optional PEGA-WL100 Wi-Fi (802.11b) modem card, capable of receiving information at wireless broadband speeds (maximum of 11 megabits per second). With a Wif-Fi access point and corresponding ISP, users can browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail (POP3 and SMTP), and perform HotSync® operations wirelessly with a Wi-Fi enabled PC.

“In developing the wireless components of the new CLIÉ handheld, we focused on what users can do with this technology,” Paik said. “Wirelessly communicating with a cell phone and having it act as a wireless modem is an example of how to get more out of the devices you carry.”

Grab-and-Go Accessories

Not limiting the entertainment elements to the device alone, Sony has even redesigned the humble USB cradle. Resembling more of an easel than a docking station, the slim, foldable PEGA-UC90 HotSync/charging unit features an AV output jack, allowing users to view JPEG images stored on the CLIÉ handheld on a separate monitor or TV. After deciding which of their favorite images they want to share, users can print out those files on a compatible printer via the USB connection located on the side of the cradle. Both AV and USB cables are included with the device.

And for the first time on any CLIÉ handheld, the CLIÉ NZ90 model features a removable Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack. Each PEGA-BP500 SmartLITHIUM™ battery can operate the CLIÉ NZ90 model for approximately 10 days depending on conditions, based on average use (30 minutes per day with backlight off). The battery also indicates remaining battery life in minutes.

No PC Nearby, No Problem

More than a collection of hardware features, the CLIÉ NZ90 handheld comes bundled with an array of applications designed for fun and productivity. Sony developed key applications such as the CLIE Viewer, CLIE Album, Movie Player and PhotoStand programs to work in concert with each other so that users can easily go from one application to another.

In addition to these, the CLIÉ NZ90 model is the first device to feature Picsel Technology’s viewer application, which allows user to view a wide variety of documents including Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, PDF and image files in their native format without conversion on the PC.

Pricing and Availability

The new CLIÉ PEG-NZ90 device will be available at retailers nationwide at the end of next month for about $800. At the same time, additional PEGA-UC90 cradles and PEGA-BP500 battery packs will be available for about $80 each. Pre-orders may be placed beginning today at

The PEGA-WL100 Wi-Fi modem card is currently available for about $150.


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