New Sony Blu-ray recorders get 3D and BDXL upgrades


Sony is pushing ahead with its ambitious 3D world campaign by launching six new 3D- and BDXL-ready Blu-ray recorders in Japan. The latter is an upcoming Blu-ray standard designed to support up to 128GB of capacity compared with the regular 50GB dual-layer version. The lineup with integrated hard drives consists of the 320GB BDZ-AT500, 500GB BDZ-AT300S/BDZ-AT700, 1TB BDZ-AT900/BDZ-AX1000, as well as a 2TB BDZ-AX2000 for up to 249 hours of HD recording. Other standard features across the range include 3D Blu-ray playback, 0.5-sec startup time, dual-channel recording and improved multitasking performance.

(credit Sony)

For a whopping US$3,188 (what a nice auspicious figure), the flagship BDZ-AX2000 offers a pair of HDMI outputs, while the US$1,062 BDZ-AT300S ranks the thinnest at only 49.5mm tall within the lot. All these upcoming Sony BDXL Blu-ray/hard drive recorders will launch from end September, but only in Japan.

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