Minidv Handycam Camcorders Bring The Future Of Megapixel Video Into Focus


[Sony Electronic Inc. Open House 2002] Sony’s New Line-up Offers Megapixel Video Technology, Touch Screen Focus and USB Streaming.

The wait is over for camcorders that offer high-resolution video and the latest in digital imaging technology thanks to Sony’s new line of MiniDV Handycam® camcorders. The four new models announced today also aim to please cost-conscious video enthusiasts with the most attractively priced Sony MiniDV camcorders ever, beginning at about $800.

Megapixel Video for Consummate Image Clarity

While the MiniDV format delivers a powerful combination of precise image detail and vivid colors, three of Sony’s new MiniDV models take video resolution even further with the incorporation of megapixel CCD imagers. Two models, the DCR-TRV25 and the DCR-TRV27, feature a 1,070k-pixel CCD imager, which produces outstanding video at 520 lines of horizontal resolution. The DCR-TRV50 model incorporates a 1.5-megapixel CCD imager with 530 lines of horizontal video resolution, which generates stunning video clarity and crisp definition of even the most subtle colors.

Taking Control – Touch Panel with Spot Focus

For added accuracy in framing the most challenging shots, the DCR-TRV50 offers a touch panel with a spot focus function to provide overriding control over the camcorder’s auto focus. This new feature brings a user-selected area into focus by touching the LCD screen, allowing distant objects to be brought into focus even when shooting through a window, fence or other obstruction.

Sending and Viewing Video Around the World with USB Streaming

All four of the new camcorders incorporate USB Streaming, a feature that turns the camcorder into a webcam with a simple USB connection and video conferencing software like Microsoft® Windows® NetMeeting® software. By connecting the camcorder to a PC, users can privately stream live video of their baby’s first steps or play back a previously recorded little league game over the Internet.

Digital Handycam camcorders also sport a new feature that lets users take a still image of an important event while recording the motion in video, rather than interrupting the recording to switch between still and video modes.

Gain Direct Internet Access with Networking Capabilities

The top of the line DCR-TRV50 model has the ability to access the Internet without a PC via wireless Bluetooth® technology. Users can send and receive text e-mail directly from this MiniDV Network Handycam camcorder, or attach MPEG movies and JPEG images to outgoing e-mail. The camcorder also can be used for Web browsing and viewing on the camcorder’s LCD display. Web pages can be downloaded to the supplied 8MB Memory Stick® media for quick, easy access when off-line.

To initiate the network feature, users will need the optional Bluetooth adaptor connected to an analog phone line or a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The camcorder wirelessly communicates with the adaptor or cell phone, which can be placed up to 30 feet away.

Users can take advantage of Sony’s new So-netSM Internet access service designed for easy set-up and connection between a Network Handycam camcorder and the Internet.

Enhanced Video Quality in Dark and Low-Light Settings

For improvement of video quality in dark and low-light settings, all four of the new models include two recording modes. Super NightShot® mode enables monochrome video taping in total darkness. Color mode records full-color video in dimly lit places, providing the user with the ability to capture true-to-life video of sleeping babies, birthday candles, nocturnal animals and more.

MPEG Movie EX – Extending Movie Moments

Each of the new MiniDV camcorders come equipped with MPEG MovieEX, which captures MPEG1 video clips with audio onto Memory Stick media up to the length of the media capacity. MPEG1 video can be captured directly to Memory Stick media or shot to the tape and converted in-camera to MPEG movie format later. MPEG MovieEX makes it easy to send video as an e-mail attachment or insert video clips into Web pages and presentation materials.

MiniDV Handycam Camcorder Pricing and Availability

DCR-TRV18 – includes a Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar lens, 2.5″ SwivelScreen™ LCD display, Digital Still Memory Mode with an 8MB Memory Stick media. The DCR-TRV18 will be available in April for about $800.

DCR-TRV25 – includes all of the above features plus a Megapixel CCD imager (520 lines of horizontal video resolution and 1,152 x 864 still image file size). The DCR-TRV25 will be available in April for about $900.

DCR-TRV27 – includes all of the above features plus a 3.5″ SwivelScreen LCD. The DCR-TRV27 will be available in April for about $1,000.

DCR-TRV50 – includes all of the above features plus a 1.5-Megapixel CCD imager (530 lines of horizontal video resolution and 1,360 x 1,020 still image file size), intelligent pop-up flash, precision color viewfinder and spot focus with touch panel. The DCR-TRV50 will be available in May for about $1,600.

All four MiniDV camcorders also offer Sony’s advanced Worry-Free Recording™ features, such as super SteadyShot® picture stabilization, an InfoLithium® battery with the AccuPower™ Meter system, and connection via an i.LINK® (DV In/Out IEEE-1394) interface to compatible PCs for digital video editing.


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