Curtain Rises On Sony’s 2002 DVD-Video Line-Up


[Sony Electronic Inc. Open House 2002] Sony Electronics today announced a new line of DVD players offering expanded video and audio capabilities at attractive prices beginning from about $150. With MP3 and CD-R/RW playback capabilities offered on all new units, as well as new progressive output models, Sony continues to set the standard in DVD technology.

Viewers can enjoy the outstanding picture quality of DVD-Video with progressive scan output features offered on many of the new models in Sony’s 2002 line. And music fans will enjoy the MP3 and CD-R/RW playback capability offered on all of the new units, enabling them to listen to their favorite downloaded music with these powerful home entertainment systems. “As the market leader in the fastest-growing A/V product category, we are offering the versatility to meet every consumers’ DVD-Video needs,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Entertainment Products Division. “With such new models as the DVP-NS755V offering expanded audio and video functionality at a better value, we are providing music and film lovers the technology to take their home entertainment systems to the next level of performance.”

Supreme Audio and Video Combination

Leading this year’s lineup is the DVP-NS755V DVD player, which offers multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD) playback, progressive output and MP3 playback. Music fans will delight in the high-resolution audio attributes of SACD, and videophiles will appreciate the brilliant images progressive scan technology provides.

This model also features CD-R/RW playback and, for families with varying tastes and busy schedules, the unit includes a new DVD Resume Memory function. Simply stop a DVD at any point, come back to it later, and pick up right where you left off – even if you remove the disc from the player– the DVP-NS755V can do this for up to 40 different DVDs at once. It will be available in June for about $300.

Psyc DVD Player Geared Toward Generation Y

Continuing to expand the market for DVD-Video to new consumers, Sony is introducing the DVP-PQ1 Psyc® DVD player. It’s a stylish, versatile DVD player with a unique form factor that can be customized to suit every personality. Its exclusive styling begins with a silver chassis and features a pop-top central faceplate insert that can be replaced with other designs and custom images making this compact chameleon the perfect DVD player for the young audience.

The DVP-PQ1 incorporates the same versatility offered throughout Sony’s DVD line, with DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback capabilities. And its compact design makes it easily transportable. The DVP-PQ1 will be available in June for about $150.

DVD Versatility

In addition to the DVP-NS755V and DVP-PQ1 players, Sony’s new line features models for consumers with varying video and audio needs:

DVP-F25 — The next generation model in the DVD Style™ line, the DVP-F25 offers component video output connections, MP3 playback and a new design with a new four-position versatility, following last year’s popular Style3™player. It will be available in July for about $200.

DVP-CX875P — Sony is adding progressive scan output and MP3 playback capability to the DVP-CX875P, a 301-disc CD/DVD changer. It’s perfect for those with extensive DVD-Video libraries. This unit offers 40-disc Resume Memory capability, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW playback, and the Disc Explorer™ on-screen graphical user interface. Available in August, the DVP-CX875 will sell for about $500.

DVP-NS415 — With a silver casing and slim chassis, the new DVP-NS415 model offers an A/V Pass-Through feature that allows users to wire their VCRs and other products through their DVD players for simple connectivity and maximum entertainment value. It will be available in June for around $170.

Picture of DVP NS415

DVP-F41MS — Incorporating a Memory Stick® media slot and a stylish design, the new F41MS model can display JPEG images from both Memory Stick media and CD-R on their televisions. It also allows playback of ATRAC3 music files from Memory Stick media. The DVP-F41MS will be available this fall.

About Memory Stick:

More than 300 different Memory Stick media-compatible products currently available;

214 Memory Stick format supporting companies as of Jan. 7;

More than 15 million cumulative worldwide media shipments at the end of October; and

More than 15 million Memory Stick media cumulative worldwide compliant product shipments at the end of October.


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