CEDIA 2003: Sony Introduces 2003 ES Series DVD Receivers with Audio Video Systems Management


Amplifying the home entertainment category to new frequencies, Sony Electronics today introduced two ES Series DVD receivers, the AVD-C700ES and AVD-S500ES models.

In this second generation of ES Series DVD receivers, the five-disc AVD-C700ES and single-disc AVD-S500ES are designed for discerning A/V enthusiasts seeking high performance and convenient component management. Functioning simultaneously as receivers, amplifiers and players– all in one unit– the components incorporate such technical advancements as a newly developed high-powered digital drive amplifier, a multi-channel SA-CD, full multi-channel bass management and progressive scan output DVD-video playback.

“The demand for surround sound A/V systems to enhance the home theater experience continues to grow,” said Joseph Stinziano, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Home Products Division. “Our new ES Series DVD receivers offer extreme convenience by allowing home theater enthusiasts to manage their A/V components from one box to deliver a gold-standard of performance.”

DVD Receiver

State-of-the-Art Audio/Video Performance

Both the AVD-C700ES and AVD-S500ES models feature an exclusive Precision Cinema Progressive™ system that incorporates Pixel-by-Pixel I/P Conversion technology, which uses separate algorithms in still, slow motion and fast motion video to recreate the picture as originally intended by the filmmaker during DVD-Video playback.

The new DVD receivers also include a Super Sub Alias Filter for improved signal-to-noise ratio and V-Edge Compensation to diminish jagged edges on unstable, diagonal lines. For a more refined picture viewing experience, the system’s Noise Shaped Video® (NSV) circuitry eliminates video noise to the peripheral of the visible frequency range resulting in superior video playback.

DVD Receiver

Additionally, the receivers feature a 12-bit, 108 MHz D/A converter, which produces precise image reproduction by limiting video noise that tends to interfere with picture quality. An increase in the sampling rate creates intricate picture details that will impress home theater lovers and technology savvy consumers. By incorporating these features, the unit minimizes video interference and generates stunning corner-to-corner picture quality.

Amplifying the Home Environment

The AVD-C700ES and AVD-S500ES utilize a new S-Master™ Pro process to help eliminate the effects of low frequency jitter. A clean data cycle is regenerated and the result is an A/D converted signal close to the source material.

Both of the new receivers offer multi-channel SA-CD playback by using a digital amplifier that directly accepts the digital signal for optimal performance. A precision pulse height volume control is also employed to stabilize the audio data in the digital domain for more seamless sound reproduction across a variety of volume levels.

In order to support the 6.1 channel capability of Dolby Digital® EX, Dolby® Pro Logic® II, dts® ES™ Discrete 6.1 and dts ES Matrix 6.1 surround sound, these DVD receivers incorporate a 6-channel amplifier.

Multi-Media Compatibility

Both of the new receivers are designed to take advantage of the multitude of media variations available. While DVD-Video remains the prominent medium used by DVD users, the receivers give consumers increased flexibility through compatibility with the DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW formats. In addition, the unit can also read CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD MP3 and Video CD, as well as Super Audio CD stereo and multi-channel media.

Elegance and Durability in Design

The AVD-C700ES and the AVD-S500ES receivers integrate seamlessly into any home environment configuration. They both utilize a simple, elegant body with aluminum front panels that complement Sony’s television design. The models utilize frame and plate chassis to offset vibration, which may interfere with a component’s sound quality. In addition, the new units provide gold plated A/V input terminal plug-ins for superior sound quality.

They also offer convenient operation with easy to use panel controls and an intuitive remote. Their elegant designs save space and integrate seamlessly in any home theater system.

The step-up five disc AVD-C700ES model, with 720 watts of total system power (120 watts x 6), is also equipped with a preprogrammed LCD remote control with learning macro compatibility, offering convenient home theater system management.

The single disc AVD-S500ES unit provides a pre-programmed remote control and offers 600 watts (100 x 6) of total system power.

The AVD-C700ES and AVD-S500ES receivers will be available this fall for about $1,000 and $800, respectively.


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