Sony working on glasses-free 3D TVs


Sony is working on 3D televisions that don’t need special glasses, joining a race with rival Toshiba,

However, the electronics giant sees cost and technological hurdles to overcome before they can go on sale.

Toshiba said earlier this week it is working on glasses-free 3D TVs, although no decision had been made on when they will go on sale.Mainstream 3D TVs now on sale, such as those from Panasonic and Sony, require glasses. But there are already screens that don’t require glasses, mainly intended for store displays. They require the viewer to stand in specific spots for the 3D effect to emerge, and the image quality is much lower than that of screens using glasses.

“Seeing 3D without glasses is more convenient,” Sony senior vice president Yoshihisa Ishida said at Tokyo headquarters. “We must take account of pricing before we can think about when to start offering them.”

Sony showed its latest 3D products for the Japanese market, including flat-panel TVs and Blu-ray recorders.

Sony said it plans to be the market leader in Japan in 3D TVs and 3D players and recorders, taking advantage of its position as an electronics maker with a movie studio.

Sony said it will start selling in Japan next month two films and two music videos in 3D, and planned home software of 3D theatre releases, including a 3D “Spider-Man” opening in 2012.

By UKPA, The Press Association


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