Sony Unveils Newest Star Attraction: Multi-Use Flat-Panel Plasma Monitor With Versatile Layout Style


Continuing to spark the widespread adoption of plasma monitors by a variety of industries and businesses, Sony Electronics today announced the arrival of its latest flat-panel monitor, the PFM-32C1, which has a viewable area of 32 inches, measured diagonally. The new plasma’s slim cabinetry makes it desirable for video and data display in business and commercial settings where space is an important consideration.

Sony is also providing a sneak preview of a 50-inch prototype plasma display, here at its Open House, an annual new product showcase event. The company expects its 50-inch model to be available in summer 2002. Similar in design, style and performance to the award-winning PFM-42B1 display, the Sony PFM-32C1 flat-panel monitor features a native 16:9 plasma display panel with high brightness and anti-reflective screen, high resolution 1024 x 852 pixels, and improved contrast ratio. Plus, with pixel conversion and reverse 3:2 pulldown technology enhancements, the new plasma monitor can accurately reproduce image quality from the source material.

With its built-in scan converter, the monitor is able to display SDTV, HDTV and other DTV* signals, as well as computer resolutions up to UXGA. Weighing just 48 pounds and 5 ounces, the unit can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with optional flat, tilt or rotating brackets for versatile horizontal or vertical display.

The Sony PFM-32C1 flat-panel monitor is also suitable for executive boardrooms, conference rooms and training centers, as well as for retailers looking to feature revolving point-of-purchase and point-of sale advertisements and promotions to attract customers.

Additionally, it can be used as an information kiosk in public venues, such as classrooms and student lounge areas, amusement parks, museums, waiting rooms and corporate lobbies. The model also can be used to display large screen images in showrooms, trade shows and exhibition settings.

The new flat-panel monitor is also designed for use as digital signage in hospitality sites, including hotels and restaurants for information and entertainment purposes; in movie theaters to showcase electronic billboards of upcoming releases; and in stadiums and airports broadcasting television programming, advertisements and messages.

Furthermore, the new model is suitable for elaborate home theater settings where there are design challenges, space limitations or aesthetic considerations.

“Since its introduction last year, Sony’s PFM-42B1 flat-panel monitor clearly set the benchmark for plasma displays as evidenced by its mass appeal with the home theater enthusiast crowd and adoption by a range of industries and businesses,” said Lana Gallucci, marketing manager of Sony Electronics’ Display Systems Division. “I’m convinced that Sony’s new 32-inch diagonal display plasma monitor with its enhanced circuitry and picture performance, compact and sleek size, will be another star attraction for image display.”

Features that set the PFM-32C1 flat-panel monitor apart include exclusive pixel-by-pixel conversion system, which automatically identifies the characteristics (film, video or both), and resolution (480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i) of the video content for accurate, sharp image reproduction. And, with Sony’s CineMotion™ reverse 3:2 pulldown technology, motion artifacts, resulting when 24-frame-per-second film is transferred to 30 frame-per-second video, are detected and minimized.

Video connections to the Sony plasma monitor include composite, S-video, RGB and computer inputs, as well as S-control to interface with other Sony products. Optional features include a display stand (model # SU-P32C) and speaker system (model #SS-SP10A).

Sony offers a range of plasma monitors including a line of consumer and professional models in 32- and 42-inch diagonal screen sizes (viewable area, measured diagonally). For the consumer marketplace, Sony also markets the KZ-32TS1, another 32-inch model with tuner and speakers, which is ideal for tabletop home theater set-ups.

Sony originally introduced flat-panel plasma displays in 1997. They quickly received overwhelming acceptance as multi-source information monitors, presentation monitors and wall-mounted displays.

The Sony PFM-32C1 flat-panel monitor is available now through authorized Sony resellers for a suggested list price of about $6,000. For more information on this product and Sony’s lineup of plasma monitors, visit the company’s Web site at


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