Sony Philippines reports brisk demand for LCD TV


Sony Philippines experiences shortage in LCD TV as demand surges.

According to Sony Philippines Inc. vice-president marketing division Takashi Kozu told reporters at the launch of its new Vaio models Wednesday that demand is rapidly growing.

“LCD television growth this year is more than doubled. Last year, the market also expanded more than doubled,” Kozu said.
Kozu said that shortage in LCD TV is on 32 and 4O inch TV.He said that their inventory is good for 1 to 2 months only and they are catching up with the strong demand.

“We are awaiting for the introduction of our new LCD TV models very soon,” he added. Supply of LCD TV is imported from Malaysia and Japan.

The TV category still accounts for the company’s total business followed by its PC and cameras. The company is fighting head to head with Samsung for the LCD TV market and Canon for digital cameras.

Overall, Kozu said the company is expecting higher double digit growth this year as sales in the high-end PC VAIO continues to do very well in the local market.

“We will concentrate in the high-end mobile PC market because a lot of players are competing in the low-end segment with a wide-range of prices,” he said.

The company expects a shift of the consumer preference for better performing mobile PCs than the netbooks. The market also for high-end PCs are not so concerned about price range that it would be better for them to expand its presence in this market.

So far, the company accounts for less than 10 percent of the high-end mobile PC market. Its most affordable VAIO model is its W Series at P29,999.00 a unit, while its premium and most powerful brand VAIO Z series is available at P149,999.00.

“Our VAIO models posted very health growth in 2009,” he said noting that the 2010 offers better opportunities for growth.

Vaio Z Series is equipped with very powerful CPU and SSD to offer the performance close to a desktop PC.

It comes with Intel’s latest and top-of-the-line Core i5 CPU, which provides ultimate performance for the toughest tasks while its SSD performs significantly faster than conventional HDD in data transfer.


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