Sony Leak: New Sony HDTVs Leaked: XBR11, XBR12, OLED


There has been very little information around about Sony’s latest HDTVs, especially regarding their highend models.

But some very interesting information has now leaked about Sony’s upcoming / prototype HDTVs, including new models in Sony’s flagship XBR range, the Sony XBR11 and XBR12!

A total of nine new series have been leaked with numerous details. There is also mention of the Sony KDL-ZX Series OLED range, but it’s not known which sizes this will come in.

The flagship Sony KDL-XBR12 series features”High Range Advanced LED RGB” backlighting. It’s great to see they are sticking with the local dimming REG LEDs.

Shown above is possibly a photo of the Sony XBR11. You can see a floating glass design.
The Sony KDL-XBR11 series uses W-LED technology, which we assume tobe White LEDs. The Sony XBR will available in fives sizes from32-inches all the way to 60-inches.
Other new technology found in the XBR11, which will no doubt bepresent in the XBR11 also includes, Bravia Engine 3 Pro with HD Videoprocessor, UV2 A panel technology, and EMO Brand The Edge MotionSpeaker.

  • KDL-32XBR11 | 32-Inch
  • KDL-40XBR11| 40-Inch
  • KDL-46XBR11| 46-Inch
  • KDL-52XBR11| 52-Inch
  • KDL-60XBR11| 60-Inch

Other new proposed models include the following:

  • KDL-S6100 | Entry CCFL
  • KDL-V6100 | Mind Range CCFL
  • KDL-W6100 | Mid Range CCFL
  • KDL-Z6100 | High Range CCFL
  • KDL-X500 | Mid Range Edge-Lit LED LCD
  • KDL-650 | High Range Edge-Lit LED LCD
  • KDL-XBR11 | High Range W-LED Backlit LCD
  • KDL-XBR12 | High Range Advanced LED RGB Backlit LCD
  • KDL-ZX Series OLED

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