Sony KDL-XBR6, KDL-XBR7, and KDL-XBR8 specs, and release dates!


What could possibly be better than your 52 inch Sony XBR5 TV? The XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8, of course! If there was any doubt about Sony’s seriousness with the XBR line, we can safely put that to rest right now. We’ve just got a hold of the product roadmap for this year, in addition to full spec sheets on the XBR6, XBR7 and the XBR8. The XBR6 and XBR7 lineup isn’t the most interesting compared to the current models, with modest upgrades like DLNA compliance, TV Guide IPG, “Enhanced” XMB interface, and now BRAVIA Sync capability. Also they sport four HDMI ports instead of three while still keeping both component inputs. There’s also a PC input as well, but it looks like the TVs shed the standard RCA inputs. Then again, will we really miss them?                                        

Here’s where the XBR8 gets really exciting though — TRILUMINOS RGBLED backlight! Yes! That’s what we’re talkin’ about, folks. In additionto the LED backlighting, Sony has thrown in their “Advanced ContrastEnhancer PRO”, the new BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO, and all of the otherfeatures the XBR6 and XBR7 have. Excited yet? We’re foaming at themouth. Now you may ask, BG, when can we buy one? Here’s where theroadmap comes into play:

There are a bunch of XBR models coming soon, and that also includes a32″ model as well as a 37″ one, too. It looks like we’ll see theKDL-32XBR6 around the middle of May and the KDL-37XBR6 around themiddle of July. Also, the KDL-46XBR8 will be launching in August. InSeptember and October, the rest of the other models are set to bereleased. These include the KDL-40XBR6, KDL-46XBR6, KDL-52XBR6,KDL-40XBR7, KDL-70XBR7, and finally the KDL-52XBR8. Hit the jump forthe full spec sheets and roadmap!

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