Sony introduces X4500 and W4500 Bravia series LCD HDTVs in Europe


Hot on the heals of their acclaimed W4000 series of LCD TV’s, Sony have announced an upgrade in the shape of the W4500 along with the introduction of the X4500 range.

Specs on Sony’s top end X4500 look very exciting, combining the latest Bravia Engine 2 Pro (W4500 retains Bravia Engine 2) along with DRC 3.0 (Digital Reality Creation) which employs up-scaling technology to boost the number of pixels from Standard Definition sources. Bravia Engine 2 Pro uses advanced filter technology to ‘clean’ incoming pictures before they hit the screen.

New ‘backlighting’ technology can instantly reduce or enhance picture brightness, compensating for prevailing on-screen or ambient light conditions, reducing light leakage for high contrasts.

Not content to leave its recently-announced V4500LCDs to fend for itself in the European market, Sony has brought backupin the form of the X4500 and W4500 Bravia models. The X4500 series isavailable in 40-, 46- and 55-inch sizes and features a “floating”design that should compliment the optional colored speaker covers quitenicely, thank you. Meh — we’re personally more enthusiastic about thelocally-dimming LED backlight, DLNAsupport and the sheer number of speakers packed into the cabinet (eighton the 55-inch model, six on the smaller ones). We’re also curious tosee Sony’s “IB Reduction” in effect, combined with interlaced backlightdimming that promises to reduce motion blur without introducingflicker. The W4500 series seems like a modest step down the Bravialadder and is available in 40-, 46- and 52-inch sizes. The W4500 seriesalso has DLNA and LED backlighting with IB Reduction, but no mention of local-dimming. Full press release and more pics after the break.

EDIT: The W4500 models do not have an LED backlight.
Ultimate picture quality. Ultimate looks.
Introducing the state of the art BRAVIA™ X4500 and W4500 series

BRAVIA™ X4500 series

* Full HD 1080p
* Graceful floating design with translucent frame
* Best-ever clarity, colour, contrast and definition with BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 PRO
* Rich, deep colours, superb contrast and reduced power consumption from new RGB Dynamic LED backlight (46, 55-inch)
* Smoother, sharper fast-moving action with Motionflow PRO100Hz technology (46, 55-inch)
* Enjoy digital music and photos from networked DLNA devices

BRAVIA™ W4500 series
* Full HD 1080p
* Innovative styling inspired by new ‘draw the LINE’ design concept
* Superb clarity, colour and contrast with BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2
* Smoother, sharper fast-moving action thanks to Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction technology
* Enjoy digital music and photos from networked DLNA devices

12th August 2008 – Whether you’re into the latest movies on Blu-ray™Disc, nail-biting PLAYSTATION®3 games or sparkling HD broadcasts,there’s a mouthwatering choice of BRAVIA™ televisions for seriousviewers who demand the ultimate entertainment experience.

“Theunique blend of advanced technology and leading design of both theBRAVIA™ X4500 and slim speaker systems, mean that consumers can nowview crystal-clear images with atmospheric sound without compromisingon the look and feel of their home”, explained George Damigos, GeneralManager, Marketing, TV Marketing Europe.

“Together with thefeature-packed W4500 series, these two new BRAVIA™ ranges represent theabsolute pinnacle of Sony innovation in bringing you the best-lookingpictures and an unmatched home theatre experience.”

BRAVIA™ X4500 series: the very last word for serious home theatre fans

The stunning flagship of the BRAVIA™ range, the top-of-the-range X4500series represents the very last word in unmatched picture quality andbreathtaking design.

Available in three screen sizes (40-inch,46-inch, 55-inch), it’s packed with state-of-the-art Sony technologiesto deliver Full HD 1080p pictures and dynamic sound that effortlesslysurpass anything you’ve seen before. With no less than 4x HDMI portsfor connection with a wide array of HD sources, the X4500 series is theultimate choice for discerning home cinema enthusiasts who demand anuncompromised theatrical experience.

Thanks to a unique new’floating’ design, the exquisite looks of the X4500 series areguaranteed to grab your attention before the TV is even turned on. Inaddition to the supplied sterling silver speaker covers, there’s achoice of optional speaker covers (Ruby Red or Obsidian Black), lettingyou customise the X4500 series to complement and enhance your personalliving space.

To get the absolute best out of your favouritemovies, TV broadcasts and games, Sony’s new BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 PROfilters, cleans and optimises image data before it’s displayed on theFull HD 1080p LCD panel. As well as reducing picture noise, thispowerful processor widens colour range and smooths motion whileboosting contrast for deep, cinematic blacks.

For amazingresults with any picture source like DVD, the latest-generation DRC(Digital Reality Creation) 3.0 boosts the resolution using advancedup-conversion-technology to stream a Full HD 1080p picture. Thisensures detail-packed images that take full advantage of the highlydetailed 1920×1080 panel.

A true cinematic experience in yourown home demands rich colours and true, deep blacks. For the first timeever, 46-inch and 55-inch X4500 series models feature anenergy-efficient RGB Dynamic LED backlight that momentarily dims indark areas of the picture, reducing light leakage for enhanced contrastand deeper blacks. Clusters of red, green and blue LEDs provide a widerpalette of colours than conventional white LED backlights. The resultis stunning reproduction of Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and TV broadcastsources, just as the director intended.

46- and 55-inch modelsexcel with smooth, lifelike reproduction of sports and otherfast-moving action. Motionflow PRO 100Hz technology intelligentlycreates extra frames, inserting them into the signal and doubling thedisplayed frame rate. In addition, ‘backlight blinking’ successivelyswitches off horizontal backlight portions of the frame with eachframe. This significantly reduces picture blur without the fatiguing’flicker’ effect of conventional black frame insertion systems. The40-inch screen size model also features new IB Reduction. This ‘cleans’original frames before new frame insertion for a sharper image stillwith reduced motion blur.

Along with the W4500 series, theX4500 series is the first BRAVIA™ television that connects seamlesslywith other networked devices via DLNA in your home. It’s easy toaccess, share and enjoy digital photos and music with other certifieddevices around the home – like VAIO Blu-ray Disc™ PCs and othercompatible media devices.

You can also view your pictures byinserting a USB Memory stick into the USB input on the side of the TVor by directly connecting your Cyber-shot™ or other digital cameras toyour BRAVIA™. Enjoying your detail-packed photos in Picture Frame Modeon a 40 inch or even larger screen will bring your memories back tolife.

The ultimate BRAVIA™ entertainment experience iscompleted by an innovative audio system with 6 main speakers and 2woofer speakers on the 55X4500 and 4 main and 2 woofer speakers on40X4500 / 46X4500.

Surround effects can be optimised forsports, live music concerts or movies, or customised for maximumenjoyment of any type of programme. The combination of the ultra-thinshape with the leading technology of the finger speaker and assistwoofer produces a remarkably crisp sound quality without altering thestyle and design of the TV1.

BRAVIA™ W4500 series: incredible images with any HD source

Whetheryou’re into sports, gaming or general TV viewing, the BRAVIA™ W4500series delivers incredible picture and sound quality to get the verybest out of your favourite HD sources.

Available in threescreen sizes (40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch), the set features effortlesslycontemporary looks inspired by Sony’s audacious ‘Draw the Line’ designconcept. Sharing many of the same picture innovations as its X4500sibling, the BRAVIA™ W4500 series is packed with latest Sony technologyfor the best-looking Full HD pictures you’ve ever seen.

BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 processing guarantees superb clarity, colour, contrastand definition, while Motionflow 100Hz technology keeps fast-movingaction crisp and clear. In addition, new IB Reduction ‘cleans’ originalframes before new frame insertion for a sharper image with reduced blur.

The W4500 series also lets you enjoy multimedia content from other devices on your home network that support the DLNA standard.

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