Sony Highlights 2003 Rear-Projection TV Line-Up With Next-Generation Fully Integrated High-Definition Models


Focusing on the transition to high definition television, Sony Electronics today unveiled its powerhouse 2003 lineup of digital rear projection televisions, including three fully integrated HDTV models.

The new widescreen HDTVs in 51-, 57- and 65-inch screen sizes models KDP-51WS550, KDP-57WS550 and KDP-65WS550 all incorporate ATSC (8VSB/QAM cable compatible) tuner, and DVI-HDTV interfaces, as well as three i.LINK® (IEEE-1394) digital interfaces.

Big Screen Entertainment For Any Sized Room

All of the models in the new WS550 line include Sony’s latest Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction V1 circuitry, which allows viewers to customize the level of the DRC™ enhancement. Additionally, these models incorporate a Memory Stick Pro™ compatible, enhanced Memory Stick® media slot for convenient access to JPEG images and MPEG1 files taken with compatible digital still cameras and camcorders.

The numerous technical features include:

HD MicroFocus™ CRT with increased beam strength and a 30 percent smaller spot size than conventional CRTs, resulting in a brighter and sharper images;

HD Detailer™ wideband video amplifier, which reproduces finer image details when utilizing high-definition sources, such as an HD set-top box and HD satellite receiver; and,

ClearEdge VM™ wide band velocity modulation scanning, which enhances not only conventional bandwidth, but higher frequency sources like DVD players and satellite receivers to take full advantage of 1080i widescreen chassis for exceptional clarity and depth.

These new models also include CineMotion™ reverse 3:2 pulldown circuitry for optimum film-based video source display; Multi-Image Driver-X with Scrolling Channel Index™ system; Flexible Twin- View™ 2-tuner picture-and-picture, which allows viewers to simultaneously watch analog NTSC television broadcasts and high-definition programming side-by-side. In addition, they incorporate Flash Focus® system which automatically aligns the picture tubes, anti-reflective coating for rich and vibrant pictures as well as TruSurround® SRS® for powerful surround sound effect.

State of the Art Digital Connections

The WS550 series feature Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection, which enables copy-protected, high-definition video content to be delivered to the TVs from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box, such as Sony’s SAT-HD200 HD receiver.

Additional digital connection is provided with the i.LINK interface, where copyright protected high-definition content may be transferred between the new televisions and certain similarly equipped digital cable set-top boxes, as well as compatible camcorders and video recorders.

With two HD component video inputs (Y/PB/PR), the new high-definition televisions offer the highest quality connections to DVD players, in addition to outstanding performance with HD receiver/decoders.

The KDP-51WS550, KDP-57WS550 and KDP-65WS550 HDTV rear-projection televisions will be available in September for about $2,700, $3,000 and $3,500, respectively.

New Hi-Scan Models Also Help Broaden Widescreen Lineup

Additionally, Sony Electronics is introducing a number of Hi-Scan 1080i™ rear projection televisions, including the new entry level WS510-series, available in 46-, 51-, 57-, and 65-inch widescreen models. They incorporate many of the high-performance step-up features as Sony’s integrated HDTV sets, such as the DRC™ MultiFunction circuitry, a DVI-HDTV interface, HD Microfocus CRT, HD Microfocus lens system, HD Detailer wide band video amplifier, MID-X circuitry and TruSurround sound.

The KP-46WS510, KP-51WS510, KP-57WS510 and KP-65WS510 Hi-Scan® sets will be available in July for around $1,700, $2,000, $2,300 and $2,800, respectively.

Sony will also continue to market 4:3 Hi-Scan rear-projection TVs, including the KP-43HT20, and KP-53HS30 models, for about $1,500 and $1,800, respectively.

Rounding out this year’s rear projection line is the WV widescreen series in 57- and 65-inch screen sizes. The KP-57WV600 and KP-65WV600 sell for around $3,000 and $3,500, respectively.


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