Sony Expands Personalized Tv Experience With New 80-Hour Digital Network Recorder


Continuing to provide consumers with options to personalize and simplify the recording and enjoyment of television programming, Sony Electronics today introduced the SVR-3000 digital network recorder that allows up to 80 hours of recording time.

The new digital network recorder with an 80-gigabyte hard-drive features the subscription-based TiVo® service1. The result is an enhanced television experience where viewers can watch what they want, when they want. Designed to take advantage of the wide spectrum of TV viewing options available, the next generation recorder can connect to virtually every TV set and work with terrestrial broadcasts, as well as digital satellite and cable television systems. It also enables consumers to record favorite programming, as well as to play, pause, fast forward or rewind “live” television broadcasts as they are being watched.

Viewers can replay live TV for up to 30 minutes, fast forward or rewind a program’s original speed, create their own instant replays, and use the slow motion feature for complete viewing control, whenever they decide. And just in time for the fall sports season, the new recorder is the perfect stylish complement to Sony’s line of FD Trinitron® WEGA® and projection TVs, bringing thrilling action right into the home, regardless of the exact kick-off time.

The TiVo service also suggests programs for recording based on personal preference by using an integrated program guide that features a “thumbs up/thumbs down” option. It further simplifies the search/recording process by providing genre, keywords or letter option, and offers exclusive one-touch transfer of a recorded program on the hard disk drive to a Sony VCR for archival purposes.

The new SVR-3000 model also features a unique Remote Commander® control with various function buttons like the “list” button that takes the user directly to a list of recorded programs.

In addition, the new recorder, based on the TiVo Series2 service platform, is equipped with two USB expansion ports for future connectivity to peripheral devices like digital cameras and CD players. TiVo subscribers will be able to access future entertainment services that TiVo may develop like music, digital photos, video party games and broadband video on demand, using these USB ports.

The SVR-3000 digital network recorder will be available in October for about $500.

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*Subscription to the TiVo service is required and sold separately. No functionality is represented or should be expected without a paid subscription to the TiVo service. Receipt of the TiVo service is subject to the terms of the TiVo Service Agreement.


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