Sony Enlarges Plasma Picture, Showcases expanded line including 50-inch Display


[InfoComm 2002] Sony Electronics today announced that it has expanded its PlasmaPro™ lineup of 16:9 flat-panel monitors with the introduction of two new models, including the company’s largest plasma screen to date, a 50-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) display to go along with an upgraded 42-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) unit.

The Sony PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro Flat Panel Display incorporates a stylish design and slim cabinetry, which is just 3.9-inches thick.

This plasma monitor features a high-resolution panel with 1365 x 768 pixels, high-contrast ratio, built-in scan converter for optimal image display, supports HDTV and UXGA computer signals, and includes a digital amplifier for clear audio reproduction with an optional speaker system (model # SS-SP10A). When paired with a DTV receiver or HD deck, the unit can display high-definition programming and source material. It also includes the addition of 3:2 pulldown for natural reproduction of film originated material. To complete the picture, also offered is an optional Network Adaptor (model BKM-B30NW), which features the Windows CE 3.0 operating system and an integrated web browser for wireless network connectivity.

PFM-50C1 Flat Panel Monitor

In addition, Sony has upgraded its 42-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) monitor with the debut of the PFM-42B2 PlasmaPro Flat Panel Display.

Like its predecessor, the award-winning PFM-42B1 model, the PFM-42B2 PlasmaPro Display features 1024 x 1024 resolution and includes such enhancements as a new panel with increased brightness and a higher contrast ratio when compared to the PFM-42B1 unit.

It also features control buttons located at the side of the panel that are easily accessible, making it well suited for video monitor walls for custom installations.

PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro (TM) flat panel monitor

“Sony now offers an expanded line-up of high-resolution plasma displays including a 32-, 42- and new 50-inch model, which showcase smart technology with a flexible design and stylish features for virtually any application,” said Lana Gallucci, marketing manager for Sony’s PlasmaPro Series.

“A must-see here at InfoComm is how we have integrated our PlasmaPro displays with our new NSP-100 Network Player,” Gallucci said. “This compact, portable unit allows content creators to create a playlist, tailor and send multimedia presentations to any display device.”

This set-top box can rest comfortably atop a plasma monitor and receives audio, MPEG 2-based video, high-resolution graphics and text as files over IP networks for display.

According to Gallucci, “We expect the plasma/network player combination to have a large impact across a number of business applications, as users have the ability to tailor their messages for point-of-sale and point-of-information, education, museums and attractions, hospitality and corporate trainings.”

Sony’s 42- and 50-inch displays also feature a plug-in slot for an optional networking adaptor, which makes it possible to access files on the network, including Microsoft™ PowerPoint®, Excel®, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and display them. There’s also the capability to control and monitor content remotely from any PC on the network equipped with a web browser.

The new 50-inch Sony PlasmaPro model includes a unique Sony digital signal processing technology called the Real Digital System. All signals are both input and processed digitally to give highly accurate image reproduction. Also, the plasma are equipped with a new bi-pixel I/P (Interlace/Progressive) conversion circuit, developed exclusively for Sony flat-panel displays, which converts interlaced signals to progressive images. For film-originated sources, Sony’s 3:2 pulldown technology is incorporated to help reproduce natural scene movement.

The PlasmaPro displays accepts standard composite video to HDTV, DTV and RGB computer signals at up to UXGA resolution. A range of optional input adaptors are available, providing superb system flexibility. A built-in, high-performance scan converter offers optimum image quality whatever the signal format, providing accurate pixel-by-pixel image reproduction.

The 50-inch display also includes a stereo digital amplifier to power optional external speakers.

An optional component, Sony’s Network Adaptor, the model # BKM-B30NW, provides Ethernet connectivity through a 10Base-T/100Base-TX interface to offer easy access of files residing on the network. In addition, the plasma display’s PC card (Type II) slot means that Memory Stick® digital media can be inserted into a PC card for PC-free display.

Wired or wireless, these two displays are ready to interface with the expanding world of visual network communications. The adaptor also provides a Y/C and a composite analog input.

Sony’s PlasmaPro series consists of the PFM-32C1, PFM-42B2 and PFM-50C1 models. These units can be mounted horizontally, or vertically, fixed on an optional stand, on a wall, or hung from the ceiling. The real estate savings means that these displays are ideal for point of purchase, advertising in malls and airports, as background video monitors in restaurants and themed entertainment venues, and at other venues where brightness and high-quality image display is necessary.

The PFM-42B2 PlasmaPro Flat Panel Display will be available later this summer and is offered with a choice of colors, warm silver and dark gray, at a suggested list price still to be announced. While, the PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro Flat Panel monitor will be available in June for a suggested list price of $12,499.


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