Sony Bravia 3DTV Release Date Have Now Been Announced


Over recent months there have been a lot of significant announcements in the world of 3DTV. Obviously with several blockbuster movies becoming extremely successful on the big screen, the public were demanding such technological excitement from their own TV’s and home theater setups.

However, although announcements have been plentiful, actual releases are scarce, but today Sony have informed us that although the release date is not yet upon us, we can expect the arrival of the Sony Bravia 3D TV’s in just over a month’s time in June 2010.

Not only will the TV’s be arriving, they will be accompanied by a whole bunch of content as well. What good’s a 3DTV without 3D content? Alongside the Bravia HX803 3DTV will be several stereoscopic game titles for PlayStation 3 which will come with any Sony 3DTV that you purchase. Not only that you will receive exclusive 3D Blu-Ray movies too. If you need any more reasons to turn to Sony for your first 3DTV, then realise that they have the most comprehensive range of 3D Blu-Ray players and home cinema systems of any manufacturer currently.

In case you’re pondering over your PS3’s ability to play these stereoscopic 3D titles, well ponder no more, before the release, your console will be given a crucial PS3 3D gaming firmware upgrade prior to the release of the TV’s in order to make it capable. The hugely popular PlayStation Network will be home to four Entertainment Europe games all in fantastic 3D as well as a collection of 3D content for those who do decide to buy their TV from Sony. The promotional titles vary in genre from the likes of Wipeout HD and Motorstorm Pacific Rift, to PAIN and even the family game, Super Stardust HD. Therefore no matter what kind of gaming and 3D enthusiast you are, there’s promotional content specifically for you.

Obviously, at the moment no 3DTV is complete without some vital accessories, most crucially of all the glasses. Love them or hate them, 3DTV with no glasses is nigh on impossible at the moment, or at least ludicrously expensive anyhow. Sony’s 3D glasses come with active shutter technology and are designed to be comfortable and adjustable. They promise to fit everyone and there are even specially designed children’s glasses available. The glasses have an approximate battery life of 100 hours. Yes, they’ve come a long way since days of those old red and blue paper glasses.

As I mentioned previously, Sony have the largest range of 3D Blu-Ray players of anyone at present, and upon any purchase of a 3D ready TV from Sony, you will receive the 3D Blu-Ray disc edition of ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’, and ‘Deep Sea’. Make of it what you will, a Sony 3DTV alongside a PS3 and a Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player will complete a fantastic home theater line up that will see you through a good few years I should hope. Although the cost may be deemed a little steep at the moment, what with the economy still not fully out of recession and all, 3DTV is certainly a good investment. Football fans keep in mind that just recently, there have been announcements coming out of Sony that the World Cup will be aired in 3D (for certain matches), so you were warned, be ready by Summer, also don’t forget that you’ll be able to watch the Sky 3D TV channel with this equipment as well, so going forward 3DTV content will only continue to grow.

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