Sony is betting on 4K television sets and is giving a break from OLED TV


It seems that right now Sony is giving a break to the OLED TV, focusing on the innovative 4K TVs. Since the competition is harsher than ever, having rivals such as LG and Samsung, Sony believes that the best move would be to put the OLED on the shelf, giving more attention to a new technology. Therefore, in order to attract more clients, Sony is making a bold move that might increase its next year’s profit.

Sony has had a difficult time concerning the TV sales, especially in the last decade. The truth is that with the launch of the PlayStation and with the market explosion concerning smartphones, Sony didn’t have enough time to focus too much on the television market. However, the things are going to change, especially know when Sony makes a big step towards innovation.4k ultra hd

Everyone knows that Sony had a hard time in the past few years and that its profits have decreased considerably. There is a press conference programmed where it will talk about its future plans. Therefore, this company is decided to rise from the ashes, and 2015 seems to be a lucky year for this Japanese company. Since the past few years haven’t been the best ones, Sony decided to make some changes. Therefore, among all the changes that have been planned, leaving behind OLED is one of them.

It seems that Sony’s move away from OLED is definite, even if there hasn’t been any official comment about this subject. However, there are some powerful clues that seem to show that this is the main plan. Therefore, at the moment the OLED is put on the hold, and no one know for how long. The only certain thing is that Sony has placed its bet on the innovative 4K sets, which have the possibility to attract even more potential clients.1080p-vs-4K

Sony has planned to release eight 4K TV models this summer, hoping to increase considerably its TV sales, quadrupling them by the end of the fiscal year. This might be possible, especially because, it seems that Sony actually holds the lion’s share of the global 4K TV market. It may be possible that with these last changes, the OLED TV developers will switch towards other areas, including the 4K. This means that the decision is final.

This being said, it seems that Sony is preparing many surprises for the next year, planning to overcome its current situation. This shift from leaving OLED TVs behind, replacing them with 4K television sets, doesn’t mean that OLED is a bad technology, or that it isn’t preferred by consumers. One of the reasons Sony decided to take this decision is the fact that in this way it will be able to take a stand. Therefore, the company will have real chances against its competitors. From Sony’s point of view, 4K is the key towards the future, and even more than this, it is the key towards a better future.


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