Sony Announces New XBR Series Flat Panel Plasma Wega Televisions


42- and 50-inch Widescreen Models Feature Enhanced Performance Technology, DVI-HDTV Interface, and Memory Stick Media Slot.

Expanding upon its success with the TS1 line of Plasma WEGA™ televisions, Sony announced today new XBR series widescreen, high-resolution flat panel plasma televisions with advanced picture technology and a sophisticated design for discerning home theater enthusiasts.

Continuing the legacy of innovative WEGA technology, the new KE-42XBR900 (1280 x 768 pixels) and KE-50XBR900 (1365 x 768 pixels) models feature two-piece plasma panel/media receiver units and the new WEGA Engine™ system that displays brilliant images on the new high-definition panels. Heightening this experience is the model’s chic, floating glass panel display, designed to be the centerpiece of any home theater system.

Note: cool picture of XBR Flat Panel Plasma WEGA with Stand in the full story“Building on the tremendous success of our 2001 Plasma WEGA line, the new XBR models are for those with an eye for advanced, state-of-the art home theater products,” said Tim Alessi, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Visual Network Products Division. “Coupled with the most advanced picture technologies such as the new WEGA Engine system and stunning, new design that consumers expect from the XBR line, our new plasma models will set a new standard in the industry.”

XBR Flat Panel Plasma WEGA with Stand

Introducing the WEGA Engine System

The XBR- series models debut the proprietary WEGA Engine, which delivers superb picture quality from any video source by minimizing the number of digital-to-analog conversion processes and maximizing picture performance. This full digital processing engine includes unique Sony technology, including:

The first step in the digital processing system, Composite Component Processor (CCP), which increases signal to noise ratio when converting the signal from analog to digital to optimize the level of DRC™ circuitry;

* Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction V1 circuitry, which gives viewers complete control over the level of DRC circuitry depending on quality of input signal, thereby displaying clear, stable images, no matter what the video source;

* MID™-XU (Multi Image Driver), developed for fixed pixel devices, maintains the integrity of a converted signal by minimizing image loss in the scaling process, providing unique Twin View™ picture and picture features; and

* CineMotion™ reverse 3:2 pulldown circuitry, which allows optimum performance of film-based video source display.

* The final step in digital processing, the Digital Component Processor (DCP), fine tunes the signal and makes adjustments to improve overall contrast and sharpness before the image is displayed on the plasma panel.

Raising the Bar in Flat Panel Design

The advanced picture technologies on the KE-42XBR900 and KE-50XBR900 plasma models are complemented by a stylish, modern cosmetic design. The ultra-slim, floating glass panel display is connected via proprietary cable to the supplied Media Receiver Unit (MRU), a convenient set-top box component for easy connection to any video and audio source. The MRU houses the WEGA Engine system and all necessary inputs, as well as a Memory Stick® media slot for viewing favorite JPEG images converted to high-definition quality1.

The MRU also incorporates a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that enables copy-protected, high-definition video content to be delivered to the unit from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box, such as Sony’s new SAT-HD200 HD/DIRECTV receiver.

Convenience features include scalable Twin View™ feature, which allows simultaneous viewing of two programs from two different sources side by side, and a Favorite Channel preview function for previewing and selecting from eight channels. Audio features include built-in speakers, totaling 40-watts audio power, with TruSurround™ sound processing for a thrilling cinematic experience.

The KE-42XBR900 and the KE-50XBR900 Plasma WEGA models will be available this fall for about $12,000 and $15,000, respectively.

Second Generation TS Series Plasma WEGA Models

Additionally, following the success of last year’s TS line of plasma televisions with integrated NTSC tuners, Sony is introducing second generation KE-32TS2 and KE-42TS2, 16:9 widescreen models offering the same elegant style with improved technical and performance features to enhance the home theater experience.

Both new models in the new TS2 series offer a simple plug-and-play style with an integrated NTSC tuner, audio amplifier, speakers and a tabletop base– all in one unit. The new models also incorporate a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that enables copy-protected, high-definition video content to be delivered to the TV from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box. The improved high-definition panel generates up to 43% brighter images and contrast for what may be the best picture quality among integrated flat panel plasma televisions.

The new KE-32TS2U and the KE-42TS2U plasma TVs will be available in the fall for about $6,000 and $8,000 respectively.


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