Samsung and Sony 3D LED TVs threaten Panasonic 3D Plasma TVs


3D TVs, both Plasma and LED, are quickly becoming the electronic craze. Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic have full line-ups of 3D TVs that each offer a one-of-a-kind, crystal clear 3D viewing experience. While each manufacturer might have a competitive advantage in one area or another, it seems the battleground is changing: Samsung and Sony are likely to work more collaboratively and Panasonic will attempt to differentiate its features even more.

From the beginning, Panasonic pushed its Plasma 3D models. While Samsung and Sony were working on LED backlight technology, Panasonic focused on a new class of plasma TVs. The result is the 2010 Viera Plasma HDTV line which uses 40% less power than the comparable 2009 models. To put it into perspective, a 42″ Panasonic will consume 90-99 Watts, less than an average household lamp.

The LED vs Plasma debate, in many ways, has polarized consumers like the Coke vs Pepsi saga. Some believe the LED TVs not only offers a more energy efficient option, but also a deeper contrast and black levels. Others insist, on the other hand, that no LED TV comes close to the black levels of a plasma TV. Either way, Panasonic has elected to go plasma and for the most part, has stuck to it’s guns.

To further differentiate itself, Panasonic now offers Viera Cast WiFi which brings the Internet to a Panasonic TV, without the use of an external computer. Pandora, Skype, Twitter, and Netflix are just a push of a button away.

Following Samsung’s lead, Panasonic also will offer a bundle package with the movies Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Coraline with the purchase of a full HD Viera Plasma TV. The move is certainly not unique, but it showcases the partnership Panasonic possesses with Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox, and it gives consumers an opportunity to showcase the TV capabilities before 3D content becomes more readily available.

Adversely, Samsung and Sony, with their LED models, perhaps have their eyes set on even bigger ideas. The two companies already share the joint venture S-LCD which supplies Samsung and Sony with flat panel LCDs.

Originally, the plan was to create an even larger share of the LCD market, something sales figures would no doubt suggest has already happened.

Now, Samsung and Sony CEOs are planning to meet on the 24th of May. The meeting could bolster both brands and product offerings as both offer something the other does not. Some even speculate that Samsung would like to get a stake in Sony.

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