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It can seem like a difficult task trying to select a HDTV set for your home, especially if HDTV technology is new to you. So, you have managed your search down to Sony Bravia HDTV sets, how are you going to select a Sony Bravia HDTV set that meets your needs in your home? In this article we will take a look at buying the best HDTV for your home.

We all have seen those nice pictures of the HD TV sets in magazines and shopping catalogues, however, is this the best way to choose a Sony Bravia HD TV set? They have a nice picture, and it looks vibrant, and makes us think that they are all of superior quality. Though they are, it doesn’t mean it will meet our needs. It is kind of like a McDonald’s burger advertised in the picture compared with the actual burger!A more detailed comparison of various Sony Bravia HD TV sets is what will be necessary to find the best HDTV set for the home. The first point is to find information about the various HD TV sets available. This information will prove helpful when narrowing down a list of potentials.

It is easy to go and find one option, and then stick with that option; however, by searching for several, you will find that you have much more options to get what you need. This information can either be found online via the online stores selling Sony HDTV sets, Sony official sites and also from stores.

One of the biggest parts of the TV is the vision part, so at this point it will be essential to think about how big of a Sony HDTV set you want. No one wants a HD TV that is too small that it spoils your viewing pleasure, and conversely a too big HDTV set will cause more problems than it is worth.

First measure how much space you have. This will allow you to find a HDTV that will fit within the space you have. Also consider the distance from where you will be sitting and how far away the TV is. This can be a simple process of looking at your old TV set and considering if you want a bigger set or smaller, depending on space constraints and your budget.
Generally though a smaller TV will be used in a bedroom, compared with a larger TV in the living room. Sizes up to 36″ work best in bedrooms and above 40″ for the main TV in the living room. This works out great considering that Sony produces televisions in those ranges.

Because Sony produces so many different sizes and versions of its HDTV sets, you can be sure that you can find a set that meets your space and feature needs. The next point to consider when comparing Sony Bravia HDTV sets is to compare sizes, the type, the style and the prices.

Remember that Sony Bravia range of HDTV’s are high end products, so are made durable and reliable with the latest technological features. However, the more stylish products often will cost more than those that look less stylish.

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