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Recently I have been seen more and more posts on the Optical Block/Blue blob issue that is happening to the Grand Wega TV sets. Many people including myself have this issue and have not been able to get it fixed. Mainly due to it being out of the warranty period even the extended warranty. I have spoken to customer service who basically state that since it’s out of the extended warranty there is nothing they can do. Well, it looks like things have come to the boiling point with consumers. Now there is a pressure for Sony to act with more and more angry customers who post to this and other website forums.

Now NBC news has devoted a good size segment to this issue on their “Call to Action” segment.
Below is the story on “Blue Blobs Block TV Set”


OLATHE,Kan. –Television sets across the country are turning blue and their owners are red with anger over this expensive repair.

Newer television sets display vivid pictures and color. So, imagine how distracting it is when those colors get distorted.

Tony Otrosko never expected to make the news. He just likes watching it.That’s why he built a custom cabinet for his $3,700 LCD projection set.

His investment is fizzling out after just four years.

“I expected this thing to last until I was well to a point where I couldn’t see,” Otrosko said.

It’s not his sight that’s going, but the TV optical block is fading. It’s causing blue dots and blue lines to pop onto the screen. As more and more dots appear, Otrosko finds himself counting dots rather than focusing on his favorite TV program.

“I’m at the point where I tape my newscasts because I miss most of the news watching the sillydots appear all over the place,” Otrosko said.

It’s a problem happening all over the United States.

Websites are full of consumer complaints about blue and green blobs forall kinds of Sony makes and models. When the blobs and complaints began popping up, so did class action lawsuits.

Sony temporarily extended the warranty on some sets, but Otrosko’s isn’t covered right now.

Sony’s offered him a few deals on other sized sets, but Otrosko has refused their offers leaving him with a $1000 dollar repair bill.

“Iwould have a big hole in here unless I recreate the woodwork around itand I’m not ready to surrender this one. It’s only four years how canyou throw away a TV set after four years?” Otrosko asks.

We called Sony Electronics, and the company is willing to pay for 100 percent of the repairs and Otrosko accepted this offer.

“I was lucky enough to ask for your help,” Otrosko said.

Video can be seen at: //


I found a response from Tim Brison Senior Vice President Sony Electronics Service Platform from a mass email. I recommend people to email Tony and let them know about your Optical block issue. Also, let him knowthat you found it from Agoraquest. The more people we can get to email, the better chance we all have on getting our units repaired.

To our valued customers:

Thank you for sharing your service experience with us. I oversee Sony Electronics’ service operations, engineering, product compliance/safety and quality, and the Customer Information Services Center in the United States, and I have to tell you that we all take a lot of pride in customer satisfaction and your input is always much appreciated. Our customer service representative, Tony, has been looking further into each case brought to our attention. For those Grand Wega customers who are out of the limited warranty period, Sony is offering the following options: – A discount on the repair cost of the TV’s optical block, or- A new replacement TV for a significantly discounted price. If you have not been offered either of these accommodations please let us know, so that Tony ( can follow up with you personally.

Customersatisfaction and product quality and reliability are very important toSony and we stand behind the quality of our products and services. The various accommodations offered to Grand Wega customers who are outside the current limited warranty period are just an example of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We continually post service updates on our customer support web site at // and our community forums here at //… so check back regularly for new information.


Tim Brison Senior Vice President Sony Electronics Service Platform

Here are several threads which are several pages deep on this issue





Update #2
Thereis now Facebook group on this, if you search for “I Have a DefectiveSony TV”, it will appear. Become a Fan for that group to get updates onthis issue.

This has been posted to a forum thread as well where we will post any updates on this issue. Within the next few days there should be some major updates on this. So please check back soon.



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