[CES 2010] Sony Adds Three New BRAVIA Series To Their HDTV Line-up


Sony Electronics Asia Pacific unveils its latest BRAVIA TV range based on a new iconic Monolithic design philosophy and a host of revolutionary display technologies. Leading the way are three new BRAVIA series, NX, EX and BX that not only exude aesthetic appeal, but are jam-packed with advanced technologies to provide unparalleled viewing experiences at home.

“Sony’s new Monolithic BRAVIA range is inspired by our make.believe vision in bringing tomorrow’s technology and design into homes today,” says Mr. Tatsuo Takahashi, General Manager, Display Marketing, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “We are confident that these new BRAVIA TVs will spark new ways to enjoy home entertainment.”

A presence in any room, the BRAVIA NX series exudes excellence in form and function. Surrounded by sleek brushed aluminum, the sleek glass screen are set perfectly flush with the frame to accentuate the luxurious and meticulous nature of its construction.

Further, combining the prowess of the Internet and TV broadcasts, the BRAVIA NX series is a web-savvy AV enthusiast’s dream-come-true. With built-in Wi-Fi, the BRAVIA NX series offers users the experience of seamlessly streaming a variety of on-demand Internet content such as YouTube video clips among a number of content providers, the way they now experience TV broadcasted programs. In addition, BRAVIA Internet Widgets lets users keep in touch with the world with configurable and customisable add–ons that allow access to the news, weather and all sorts of information.

Equipped with Full HD resolution, BRAVIA Engine 3 image processor and Motionflow technology of up to 200Hz1, users will also get to enjoy their favorite shows off the Internet and cable TV, in smoother, full high definition glory. Furthermore, the Motionflow technology feature is enhanced with Image Blur Reduction to provide sharper, brilliant looking images.

BRAVIA EX: Essential TV with high picture quality and energy-saving features

The BRAVIA EX series sports energy-saving features such as Ambient Sensor, LED backlight2, and advanced Presence Sensor technologies3, minimising power consumption without compromising on picture quality. The Ambient Sensor will automatically adjust the picture brightness, according to the amount of ambient light in the viewing environment, to lower power consumption. Similarly, the Presence Sensor will automatically turn off the picture when the sensor does not detect the viewer’s presence.

Big on performance, the BRAVIA EX series also features Full HD, BRAVIA Engine 3, and Motionflow 100Hz4 technologies for smooth, sharp images with fine resolution detail. Users will also be able to enjoy on-demand Internet content streaming with an optional USB wireless LAN adaptor.

BRAVIA BX: The Affordable Yet Feature-packed TV

For users who appreciate the BRAVIA TV’s stylish design and are contented with basic TV features, the BRAVIA BX series is an ideal choice. Like the abovementioned series, the BRAVIA BX series features the design which will add a stylish touch to every living room. It also offers Full HD6 resolution, BRAVIA Engine 3 imaging processor, and fuss-free connectivity to other devices among other things.

The NX sets come in 2 flavors: NX800 and NX700 models. The heart of the new line is the NX800 model, featuring Edge LED Backlit technology and integrated Wi-Fi capability. Available screen sizes include: 60, 52 and 46 inch models.


This model will be available in spring for about $4,600, this is what you can look for:
•       60-inch Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) Edge LED backlight LCD
•       Monolithic Design
•       Motionflowâ„¢ 240Hz Technology for Smooth Motion
•       Integrated Wi-Fi wireless network capabilities (802.11)
•       BRAVIA® Internet Video and Widgets
•       BRAVIA Engineâ„¢ 3
•       USB and DLNA® photo/music/video playback
•       Screen sizes include 52 (KDL-52NX800: $3,400) and 46-inch (KDL-46NX800: $2,800)

NX700 model packs the following  for  you:


Available in spring for about $2,600
•       46-inch Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) Edge LED backlight LCD
•       Monolithic Design
•       Motionflowâ„¢ 120Hz Technology for Smooth Motion
•       Integrated Wi-Fi wireless network capabilities (802.11N)
•       BRAVIA® Internet Video and Widgets
•       BRAVIA Engineâ„¢ 3
•       USB and DLNA® photo/music/video playback
•       Also includes a 40-inch  screen size (KDL-40NX700: $2,100)

Scheduled availability of the new BRAVIA range:
NX800: March 2010
NX700: February 2010
EX700: March 2010
EX600: April 2010
EX500: February 2010
EX400/ EX300: January 2010
BX400/ BX300: January 2010


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