3DTV not dead after all – Sony to make 40% of TVs 3D in 2011


Just when you thought 3DTV had died a fairly quick death due to a lack of content, Japanese electronics giant Sony wants to give the technology a big boost, claiming it aims to make 3D account for 40% of its TV sales in the 2012 financial year.

The report, in Digitimes.com, says the company expects to have shipped 2.5million 3D LCD TVs by the end of March 2011 and wants to become a market leader in 3D television.

What is undeniable in all of the posturing over 3DTV is that prices for 2DTVs have crashed through the floor during 2010 and 3DTV represents an important tool in boosting average sale prices and bringing profitability back into the market. a floor under TV prices.Australian retailer Harvey Norman has recently said that although TVs are big sellers, they have generated little profit in recent times as strong competition erodes prices and profit.
If as Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey says that manufacturers are “losing a fortune” on TVs, it’s a pretty fair bet they’ll be looking to promote any technology that puts

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