Sony rumored to be relaunching cheaper PSPgo


Sony might be about to re-release the PSPgo at a lower price point. It’s only a rumor, but one that’s easy to believe based on the dismal performance of the PSPgo since launch.

The news comes from Gamervision who has heard from a source close to Sony that a relaunch is “imminent”. It will be coupled with a new marketing campaign and a new price to help encourage uptake of the device.

Whatever Sony does will need to include a better deal for retailers who saw no value in the PSPgo beyond the small profit margin of selling the actual device. As all games are digital and sold by Sony there were no more sales beyond the hardware for anyone other than Sony.
original $249 price tag, non-removable

If it is relaunching soon then the next big gathering of games industry folk is the Game Developer Conference in March. Sony may use it as a launching pad.

Whether this is true or not, we’d be interested to hear what you think Sony needs to do to get gamers interested in the PSPgo instead of the standard PSP. The original $249 price tag, non-removable.

source: gamervision


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