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After Nintendo’s announcement of the Wii U, one would think that Sony’s new handheld gaming device, the PSVita, would have to come with a rotating disco ball attached in order to get any attention. But the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) has not had any trouble wowing attendees at this week’s E3 convention in LA, impressing journalists with its sleek design, sheer processing power, and promising line-up of launch titles.

Like Sony’s handhelds that came before it, PSVita looks and feels sexy. The surprisingly light-weight console, which feels even lighter than the original PSP, strikes the perfect balance between a super-sleek gloss and matte finish, with a monstrous 5-inch OLED screen that displays the most stunning graphics ever seen on a portable gaming device. And despite its lightness, it feels incredibly solid – the buttons and body are sturdy and the machine itself is quiet – a far cry from the PSP with its rackety UMD slot and the PSP Go, which felt flimsy and ready to snap if gripped too tightly.

The PSVita comes with all the usual trimmings: D-pad, dual analogue sticks, mic, shoulder buttons, and front and rear cameras but less obvious (and more impressive) are the front and rear touch screens, which transform the handheld from an upgraded PSP into a device that merges everything that works in handheld gaming into one machine. While playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss, players can use the left analogue stick to move and the right stick to control the camera and then tap and swipe the screen to jump and climb. When Drake is hanging off the side of a cliff, a sideward swipe in the direction you want to go to sets the path for him to climb across. The Sixaxis motion control also means that the console responds to tilting, so characters hanging off cliffs and railings can be angled by simply tilting the handheld, which makes it easier to complete difficult jumps. The technology is well integrated and doesn’t reek of gimmick or novelty.


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