PlayStation 4 – Introducing augmented reality?


Sony’s 4th and newest incarnation of the might PlayStation gaming platform is recently stirring quite a lot of buzz within the online gaming community.

A few months ago, the basic functions of the PS4 have been unveiled, but there has been a lot of talk about augmented reality experiment from the Japanese mogul of consumer electronics and home entertainment.

Thanks to a state-of-the art camera peripheral, the PS4 will be able to provide some of the most compelling and endearing augmented reality tasks already.

Just a few years ago, the entire concept of augmented reality might have seemed incredibly far-fetched and out or reach, but right now, it is the new gold rush of the gaming industry. Sony was quite an innovator in this particular field years and years ago, back when they introduced the “eye toy” game and camera combination for Playstation 2. The game allowed the user to interact with some basic games within the screen. It was a fun toy, but the product did not really breakout as expected. Subsequently, platforms the likes of WII (from Nintendo) and XBOX with its Kinect implementation allowed more freedom of action, more flexibility and an even more rewarding gaming experience. However, things seem to set on a even better course with what PS4 is set to bring up to the table.

Sony PlayStation 4 is set to be one of the biggest market contender in an industry that feels more and more competitive. Augmented reality is just one of the many different battlefield where the big console houses compete. You might prefer the PS4 or one of its competitors, but the great thing about this race is that the companies constantly strive to push the envelope and come up with great ideas, revolutionary product and mind-boggling innovations.



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