Sony to foil PSJailbreak with firmware update


he next PlayStation 3 firmware update will allow Sony to detect the PSJailbreak hack, reports suggest.

Dealers of the hack are apparently sending emails to ‘customers’ warning them of the potential firmware update, and advising that users do not update their PlayStation’s for the time being.

The following message has apparently been received by some Jailbreakers: “Just a friendly update email and some advice for you over the coming days and weeks.
“While PS Jailbreak team have told us it should be possible to support future firmware versions on the PS3, it’s is not guaranteed, they will need to access any newer firmware’s than 3.41 and if needed release an update for the PS Jailbreak to support the newer firmware’s.

“So we wanted to give you all some advice that if a system update is released for the PS3 in the coming days or before you receive your PS Jailbreak which blocks system updates, we recommend that nobody update their PS3 for the time being.

“If a PS3 system update newer than 3.41 is released you should keep an eye on the PS Jailbreak website for news on compatibility with the PS Jailbreak on the new firmware’s. Only update your PS3 past 3.41 firmware if the PS Jailbreak team say that it’s safe to do.”

It’s all a bit odd this isn’t it? Customer service notices, stock shortages and loyalty rewarded with warranty for what is actually a dodgy hacking tool.

There’s still no official word on a firmware update to deal with the hack – Sony refused to comment on the matter – but there have already been murmurings that the hack could be detectable by the platform holder.

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