Sony: Third-Parties Already Receiving Motion Sensing Kits


Those of you who were blown away by Sony’s awesome motion tech presentation at their E3 press conference only had one question afterward: “when?!”

Well, it depends, but there has been a lot of suspicion surrounding its competition, Microsoft’s Project Natal. Some have claimed their presentation was “fake,” in that Natal isn’t exactly ready to go. On the flip side, according to Eurogamer, the development kits for Sony’s motion sensing wands have already been distributed to designers. In a statement to GamSpot, Sony marketing guru Peter Dille had this to say on the subject:

“We’re a little bit past the research phase.We’re having conversations with the third-party community. The dev kits have started to go out to the third parties as well. They’re working on the tech. They couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Under Read More has the video of the incredible presentationEA boss John Riccitiello has said they’ve had both Sony’s tech and Natal in their possession for several months, and they’ve been toying around with ’em, seeing what each can do. It may not be long before other developers step forward and announce software for both techs, but if Microsoft hasn’t provided developers with a kit just yet, than Sony has the slight edge. Of course, there’s still no knowing when this technology will fall into the consumer’s greedy little hands, but we’re thinking it might be ready for the holidays. Stay tuned for more details.

Below is the incredible video on this technology:


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