Sony soups up PlayStation 3 with bigger hard drives


Can we call it the PlayStation 3.5 now? Yet another version of Sony’s PlayStation 3 video-game console/Blu-ray player is on the way, bringing more storage and a new wireless controller akin to Nintendo’s Wiimote.

The cheaper of Sony’s two new models, a version with a 160-gigabyte hard drive and a list price of $299.99 (the same as today’s 120 GB model), is headed to stores now. A second, $399.99 configuration ships Sept. 19; it will up storage to 320 GB and include the Move wireless, motion-sensitive controller that Sony unveiled at June’s E3 convention, along with the PlayStation Eye camera required by the Move and a few bonus titles.
(You’ll also be able to buy the Move controller alone for $49.99 or pay $99.99 for a bundle of that remote and the Eye.)

Sony posted the news on its PlayStation blog Tuesday and then announced it at a trade show this morning in Cologne, Germany.

This is a comparatively minor tweak to the PS3, compared to earlier hardware changes that added WiFi and shrunk the console’s dimensions and software updates that, among other things, added support for 3-D HDTV earlier this year. But if you look at the console’s original configuration–it debuted in 2006 with 20- and 60-GB drives, selling for $500 and $600–it suggests how far technology has advanced over the past few years.

Anybody want to bet how many more iterations Sony’s console has left in it? I look forward to reading your predictions in the comments.

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