Sony’s strategy includes $300-400 PS3, pre-loaded content on PS3, and new portable video players


The PlayStation 3 is expected to cost between $300 and $400, according to a new data point buried deep in an article in the Hollywood Reporter about Sony’s overall business strategy. In addition to the PS3 price hint, there are some other interesting factoids in the article:

Sony will be releasing new portable media player devices that “will focus primarily on video and transferring user-selected content from digital video recorders and other devices using Sony Memory Sticks”
The Sony PlayStation business is worth approximately $20 billion out of Sony Entertainments’s entire $37 billion valuation. (The entire company rakes in $65 billion per year.) The PS3 is a Blu-ray trojan horse. According to an anonymous ”high-level studio executive,” the PS3 will be a “subsidized Blu-ray play that will sell 20 million units. The first HD player will be on the market for $1,000. PS3 could be at $300 or $400. Sony will be selling them at a loss the first six months to a year just to get Blu-ray players out in the market. So studios realize they need to have their content on it.”

”PS3 will be bundled with a selection of preloaded films, TV programs and games”


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