Sony Rumor: Sony is bringing Firefox to PS3!!!


[Update] A representative from Mozilla has nixed the rumour. more detail full story

Playstation Insider has recently received a tip from a source very close to Sony who says that they have been in talks with Mozilla lately about possibly porting firefox over to the PS3. That said, our source made sure to point out that they were unsure if any deal had actually been reached at this point, but it is great news none the less considering the complaints Sony has been getting about the lack of reliability with their current built in PS3 web browser.

Throwing firefox into the mix would give PS3 the ultimate advantage when it came to internet functionality. I know I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one, and PSInsider will be sure to bring you any updates to this rumor as they become available.

We’ve been hoping for a while that Sony would replace the PS3’s mediocre built-in Web browser with something more robust, so it’s nice to hear that Sony might be in talks with Mozilla to port Firefox over to the PS3–even if it’s just a rumor.
The folks at PlayStation Insider say they’ve “received a tip from a source very close to Sony” about possible conversations between Mozilla and Sony. No word on whether a deal is close, but having Firefox on board would put a little more wood behind the PS3’s arrow in its battle against the XBox 360 and the Wii.
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More Update to Mozilla nixing the rumor
The rumour emerged earlier in the week, with supposed customer dissatisfaction with the PS3’s standard web browser being the catalyst for the talks. However, a representative from Mozilla today nixed the rumour.

“Nope – not sure how that rumor got started but it’s been keeping us busy all day,” the Mozilla rep told PS3 Center.


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