Sony PlayStation 3 Sales Through The Roof With Slimmer Console


Late last month, Erictric was covering the official announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim. We were quite excited about Sony’s price change to the gaming console. I mean, $299 isn’t nearly as bad as previous PS3 pricing, right?

It looks like Sony made the right decision with a price drop on the slimmer version of the PlayStation 3. That’s because since said price drop, sales of the gaming console have climbed about 300% in the United States, a whopping 999% across the pond in Europe. And, of course, wait for it — an unbelievable 7,350% climb in sales in Japan.
So, the issue seems contrary to what many of us have heard in the past few months. That the reason that video game console sales are dying is because of the internet, among other things. Turns out, a price cut made all the difference for Sony, although we haven’t got the actual sales figures to our disposal.

Not too long after reporting about Sony’s price drop, Microsoft also decided to do the same. It certainly would be interesting to see if Microsoft is experiencing similar growth in sales. What do you think?

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