Sony PlayStation 3 Meets Slim Fast?


So does the “T” in “T3″ stand for Triple Tease or what? Treat this as the hearsay it almost certainly is, but gadget gossip T3 says it knows a guy (who probably knows a kid, who probably has it from a giant rabbit) who says Sony’s working on a slimmer, sexier, sleeker PlayStation 3 for release in the…well, say “for release.”

Why “slim”? Because they’ve done it to every other system they’ve ever released (PS1, PS2, PSP). Why not the PS3? reasons T3.

Could this be the Jenny Craig edition PlayStation 3?

Sooner? Later? It’s inevitable, with that much I’d agree, but the question is, will anyone care? And by care, I mean in the “buy because I wouldn’t have otherwise” sense, as opposed to the “appreciate the cosmetic nip-and-tuck though I was planning to buy it anyway” angle.

Does your PS3 take up too much shelf space? Not fit somewhere you’d like it to at all? Would you be more inclined to buy a PS3 if they reduced the size (but not the price or thermal output)? Does “sexy” really sell more to anyone outside the diehard-est?

The only thing my PS3 could do better is run a little cooler and a little quieter, though to be fair, its fan on full sounds probably a fifth the decibel level of my blow-hosing Xbox 360

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