Sony Playstation 3 Gets Firmware 3.15 Update With New Features, Bug Fixes


Sony today announced that their new 3.15 firmware has now been released. With the technology users are able to play mini games like those found on the PSP by downloading them from the PlayStation Network. The update also provides a LAN data transfer utility which makes is simple to move content from one PS3 to another with the use of a simple Ethernet cable.

Mini Games, which have been available for PSP users since October can be downloaded a second time for free to the users PS3 if they’ve already bought those games for their handheld system. Just keep in mind that you can’t download mini games under December 17th, yeah I know, quite the tease.If you’ve been experiencing bluetooth or trophy sycnhronization issues Firemware 3.15 will also fix those issues. According to Electronista you’ll also see a new XMB mini game save data icon on your system



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