Sony Offers 250GB PS3 for $350


Just in time for the holiday season, Sony will offer a 250GB PlayStation 3 system for $350. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for the same slim form factor as the cheaper 120GB version but want a larger hard drive, this option is for you. Of course, you can save some money and just upgrade the HDD yourself but I digress. Speaking of which, I really should upgrade my 40GB system with one of my 500GB HDDs I’ve got laying around here. /me updates his weekend to-do list.

“The PS3 platform is poised for a tremendous holiday season,” said Scott Steinberg, vice president of product marketing for SCEA. “…The new 250GB PS3 provides consumers with another compelling hardware option and speaks to the growing consumer appetite for digital content from the PlayStation Network—particularly [high-definition] content that showcases the power of the PS3 system.”

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